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Everything else → the apology collection
Buy, sell and trade → lol anyone selling sgs?
20 SG for 20dia?
GSM Event section → Missing items
Oh noooo!
GSM Event section → GEMCOMP: Gods of Greece (2)
Demeter is the Greek goddess of the harvest, grain, and fertility
Everything else → Oslo
Have you tried the hyped up Tåsen bab?
Everything else → feels wrong
I would take it. And if you really don't like it search for new jobs while working Easier to get a new job while you are in one than not
From goSupermodel team → 17th of May Celebration
Getting ready in the morning while the national TV broadcaster NRK is playing in the background
Buy, sell and trade → Warderobe SALE!! gfting random
Everything else → i made a model called levonorg

Everything else → im so done
What do he do? Is he searching for jobs? Or are he just chilling all the time?
It sounds so bizzare from the outside, you go to school and has something you do, but he don't have anything he has do to? And he complains about that YOU are boring?
Everything else → calling norwegians
Thought about the "følehorn" suit first but after seeing the drawing, YES! I had that one before! Not a fever item
Everything else → norwegians on antibiotics
Yeah, ehm it's a problem all over Norway. But if it's for "klamma" just tell her to ask her doctor for the other option of antibiotic.
There are other antibiotics available, but not the one her doctor prescribed (if it is Doxylin aka Doxycycline). As far as I know that's the one (in tablet formulation) antibiotic we can't get in Norway right now. All the other options have different dosages that the pharmasist can "play around" with so you can get the right dosage.

She can also try the online pharmacies. Both Apotek1, Vitus and Boots ++ have good online versions.
Buy, sell and trade → (S) COLORFUL LOOK competition
Competitions and games → ⭐️⭐️win a birkin⭐️⭐️
1 SG
Buy, sell and trade → 1h 40% off
Thank you so much!
From goSupermodel team → A very colourful look
This was harder than expected!
Everything else → Nose herpes
Feel for your friend!

Have heard people get it on their fingers, so it doesen't surprise me.
Everything else → Birthday wishes!
This went right under my ***)
Thank you so much!

From goSupermodel team → 3 random facts
1. I love snowboarding
2. I was on the World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015 (horrible to camp outdoors in July in Japan - do not recommend!)
3. I have dyed my hair in every color except yellow
Competitions and games → Wiiin birkin