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Sent a supergreeting!
My wish for christmas this year would be a KitchenAid but I think that willbe too expensive lol! Also I really want board games
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Suzan & Freek hahahaha
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Marquess wrote:
The only reasons I like it is because it's brought our natural beauty the attention and recognition it deserves, and some more roads etc. are being built to keep up with the interest. For me this is fantastic because I'll be able to go to Dhermi via tunnel very soon.

But we're failing to think about it strategically. Right now, tourists come here because they're curious. After they've already seen it, I fail to see why anyone would come back. Our service industry is not the best and we don't really offer anything "fun" to do besides sightseeing.

Also, massive massive increase in prices due to tourists which I think always comes with that package. The beaches are now inaccessible to poorer Albanians (which is pretty much all of Albania), because we don't have any public beaches and the private ones are at least 20 euro just for the entrance. A typical Albanian salary is like 500 euros for comparison.
Thanks! Good to hear
I was thinking about visiting for a vacation but was not sure about this haha
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Vespucci wrote:
I’m albanian
Ask any qs
What do you think about the recent tourism hype?
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The necklace itself broke so I got a new one and we reused the heart. Now the necklace broke again hihi so he will buy me a new necklace
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hildebrand wrote:
I don't have any dia items on my wl but she has!
ahhhhh thaaanks
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And I am white
Can't imagine how others feel
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It feels like I am having a hangover
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Will go tonight after work!
Yay voting
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SolarFlare wrote:
My grandma is voting for me lol
Everything else → I'm voting SP today
I'm not but yay voting
Everything else → Dutchies: Please go vote
Inuka wrote:
Okay, so, the first fold is straight through the middle, after that it is zig zag one piece folded every time. At least, that's how I folded it now xD
lolll good to know thanks!
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Hamster wrote:
pretty sure im not allowed to vote anymore since i dont live in NL anymore but i do care bout our little froggycountrytje SO YALL BETTER GO VOTE
For next elections: you probably can!
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Inuka wrote:
I should go voting during the day more often, there was almost nobody and had quite a nice chat after I didn't quite managed to refold the bill. God, why must they be that big -.-
hahahaha already nervous for that!!
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intellectual wrote:
It will be included in the voter turnout rate and that’s it. It’s not taken into account when dividing the chairs.
Exactly right?
Everything else → Dutchies: Please go vote
Mollymauk wrote:
If you vote blanco, it will count as a "vote", meaning that other parties need more votes to secure a seat (or increase their seats).
What do you mean? I have never heard of this?
It's not that seats will be reserved for no one?

If 1000 people go vote and no one votes blanco, or if 1100 people go vote and 100 people vote blanco, parties will need the same amount of votes per seat?

Anyway, that's not my point. If you vote for any left party, the chance that new laws will have something left in them will be bigger.
Everything else → Dutchies: Please go vote
Mollymauk wrote:
You can also vote blanco!
I know, but imo that's not preferable (it is comparing to not voting). But for example if you are left, and you don't know wheter to choose GL, PvdA, PvdD, SP, Bij1 or something else, but you know you don't want right, CDA/VDD/PVV/FvD/.. to win, I think it's better to choose a left party you 'kindof' agree with.