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Style, fashion and beauty → whos ur fashion icon


Style, fashion and beauty → b honest pls
LOVING your outfit as it is!
Style, fashion and beauty → Whitch of the 3 models above
Everything else → DELETING model take things
Hi Gieniake,

Sad to see you leave gSm. The community would truly need people like you to make gSm a kinder and more inclusive place to be.
Help, tips and tutorials → I will be deleted if I don't
AskTheMidwife wrote:
I am a midwife and want to help people with my knowledge I can send an email to support with my diploma... Maybe than I can have this name.
That is something you need to talk to the staff about. I'm a social worker, a protected diploma, but it doesn't mean I can proclaim myself to be the go-to social worker of gSm or any other website. As any other person we can participate in forum and talk to people, but we cannot give out any medical advice or diagnose anyone - we still have to encourage people to seek professional help outside of this website. If everyone with an education or degree would go online claiming to be experts in a field it could lead to more harm than good.

I'm not assuming you are not a great midwife to your clients, but it's not appropriate to use goSupermodel as a platform to encourage users to seek medical advice from you, even if you only have good intentions.
Everything else → (former) students help me !

Considering this is your second study I would recommend you finish your current study before you move on to something new. Every education you start is a valuable èxperience, and if you are unsure what to do you have something to fall back on to support your living.

Every education and job requires hard work and can be boring at times. You should try to to figure out what your interests are. Do you like working with people? Do you like working in an office, a regular 8-16 day or perhaps various shifts? What drives you? What motivates you? Is it to help people, or be creative?

No matter what you decide to do, most jobs today requires some level of formal education. Secure yourself and your future first. When you've done that, it doesn't matter how many times you switch education to find your passion - but then at least you have some background that can help you get some èxperience and financial stability.

You have all the time in the world to figure out what you want to do moving forward, but don't let your current opportunities slip because you are indecisive.
Help, tips and tutorials → I will be deleted if I don't

My guess is that your name suggest or pretends to be a midwife. Your name "AskTheMidwife" encourages people to seek some advice from a suggested health professional who's role is to support and care for women during pregnancy, labour and birth. Any professional medical support should be sought outside of this website, even if you are an educated midwife. This is to protect the userbase in general from potential harmful advice, and because goSupermodel cannot verify any user's occupation and competence within that occupation.

It is stated in the rules that you have to pick a proper model name, that doesn't impersonate others. In this case it seems like you are impersonating a midwife.
Everything else → do you have a cool profile
Isabellals wrote:
thank you! i like yours
Everything else → when is a guy too old?
It really depends on the age you're at and what you're comfortable with yourself. In my opinion, when you are younger than 20 years old, everything above 3 years will be a big difference, since you are developing both physically and mentally and could find yourselves on quite different stages in your lives. I would also say it could be problematic if a girl was 15 and the boy was 18, that would mean that the girl is underage and there's many factors to take into account.

However, if the same girl was 25, and the boy was 28, they would both be adults and there wouldn't be that much of a difference age wise (physically, mentally or legally that can be linked to age).

I would say that the age gap that people are comfortable with usually grows from 2 years to 7 years as you get older. Some are comfortable with an even bigger age gap, but 2-7 years are pretty much the standard age gap for most adults.
Everything else → I have 974 profile views...
Love the Winx inspired theme
Everything else → Which % of ur fame is game fam
Everything else → do you have a cool profile
No.. but you literally have such a cute one
Everything else → Legendary models pspsps
Miscellannieous wrote:
first step is to quit all social life contacts. then u drop ur job. and then u become a full time wc player.
The struggle is real

But yes, WC all day and night. 24/7 for like... days
Everything else → ⭐️ It's her birthday!! ⭐️
Wishing you a happy birthday, Xenice. Hope you have the best celebration with your loved ones.

(can't believe I actually wrote Linked instead of your name, haha, obvious reason to edit )
Help, tips and tutorials → Language in messages?
Rommel wrote:
they can check your messages, that happend to me and some others on the old gSm
gSm staff has access to checking messages, but they have to follow privacy policies. However, they usually only check messages in cases where goMessages has been reported, or they have to investigate violations.
Help, tips and tutorials → Language in messages?

No, you are only allowed to use English on gSm, that applies to all public and private activity.
Help, tips and tutorials → layout question

You can add gifs to a layout using Photoshop. Here is a step by step video from YouTube on how to add gifs to your layout:
Help, tips and tutorials → Pictures

If you have Photoshop you can optimize the picture for web. There you can choose the file type and see how much the optimization reduces the file size, and change it accordingly if you need to reduce the file size even more.

File > export > save for web > (choose your preferred settings)
Friends and guestbooks → Fie's Guestbook
Camilla, you're such a great person and I'm so grateful to have reconnected with you! I love that we share memories from our time spent on the old gSm, and can continue to make new ones. I just love who you are as a person. Funny, supportive, great listener, helpful and caring. I'm so so lucky to have you as a true friend.

Club forum: Public → When is your birthday?
guanimo wrote:
That’s a lovely thought! My birthday is March 25th
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear guanimo!! Hope you had the best birthday celebrations with your loved ones! Sending you a little surprise to celebrate your day Hugs!