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Competitions and games → raffle (win perk elf ear)
Harvey wrote:
i can see the elf ear with your look, the only thing missing init
Haha, ehe yeah! I've been drooling over them for a tiny while, ngl
Competitions and games → raffle (win perk elf ear)
. OMG, count me in!!
Everything else → tag someone
Fie wrote:
Love you lots!
Everything else → ivory truths you
While you're at it. hehe
Friends and guestbooks → Quote a sunshine
Alinka wrote:
Someone that makes you smile and have positive vibes
Everything else → To those who need it ♡
Thank you on behalf of,- probabl, all of us, Fie, you're so sweet and genuine!

Friends and guestbooks → tag someone you wanna meet irl
Fie wrote:
Yeees, which will be soon I hope!!
Indeed, can’t wait for our next meet-up
Everything else → favourite gsm mod*
Probably Ivy and Marble
Friends and guestbooks → ◌ Halcyon’s (friend)book
Bumping this
Style, fashion and beauty → Show your SMA look of the week
Zara wrote:
youre always delivering omg
aww you! I was lucky with the Theme, ngl
Style, fashion and beauty → Show your SMA look of the week
This one, hehe
Friends and guestbooks → Gsm crush?
Fie wrote:
At least
I don't think I can give you more than that, haha. Ilu tho
Friends and guestbooks → Gsm crush?
Fie wrote:
Forever mine!!!
Til death do us part!
Friends and guestbooks → Gsm crush?
This one

Club forum: Public → B2S: Create your student ID
Friends and guestbooks → ❀ Are you like Air? [x]
[X] Norwegian
[] Sami
[] 25 years old
[X] Speaks three languages
[/] Brown hair
[X] Student
[] Gamer
[/] Dog person
[] Introvert
[] Cancer sun
[X] Tattoos
[] In a relationship
[] Short (under 160 cm)
[X] Favorite color is green
[X] Anxious

[X] TV shows over movies
[X] Monster ultra white lover
[X] Sushi lover
[] Taurus moon
[] Libra rising
[] Love language: words of affirmation
[X] Love language: acts of service
[] Bad memory
[] Cries easily
[] Sensitive
[] Summer > all other seasons
[X] Night owl
[] Has to watch something in order to fall asleep
[] Gets stressed if home is messy
[] Prefers to write in lower case letters
[X] Uses !!! a lot
[X] Is always wearing the same necklace
[/] Always listening to the same songs
[X] Guilty pleasure is ordering food (sob because student)

[] Astronomy
[] League of Legends
[] Sims 4
[X] Cooking
[] Makeup
[] Youtube
[] Horror games

[X] FMB > forums
[] Favorite forum section is 'everything else'
[X] Wanted to join the focus group ()
[X] Favorite game is wardrobe challenge
[X] Changing looks at least twice a day
[X] Prefers to chat in forums/fmb over DMs
[] Always changing the bio/status thingy
[] Collects rare items
Friends and guestbooks → [] 60 questions gallup! <3
[] Have you tried a plant-based diet?
[] Have you participated in a virtual reality gaming experience?
[] Do you own a cryptocurrency?
[] Have you used a language-learning app recently?
[] Have you attended a live virtual concert?
[] Do you follow any wellness or self-care influencers on social media?
[] Have you tried a self-driving car?
[] Have you taken part in a virtual escape room challenge?
[] Do you use a meditation app for mindfulness practices?
[] Have you tried viral dance challenge from TikTok?
[] Have you taken a DNA ancestry test?
[] Do you watch esports tournaments?
[] Have you tried a bubble tea?
[] Do you follow any ASMR creators on YouTube?
[] Have you played Among Us?
[] Do you use skincare products from K-beauty brands?
[] Have you attempted the "5-minute makeup" challenge?
[] Do you use a fitness tracker or smartwatch for workouts?
[] Have you attended a virtual influencer meet-and-greet?
[] Do you like to play with pets?
[] Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
[] Have you used a language translation device while traveling?
[] Do you use GIFs to respond to messages instead of words?
[] Have you tried any DIY slime recipes?
[] Do you follow any astrology or horoscope updates?
[] Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?
[] Do you believe in love at first sight?
[] Do you think it's possible to be friends with an ex?
[] Have you ever been in a friends-with-benefits arrangement?
[] Do you prefer being single?
[] Do you believe in open relationships?
[] Have you ever used a dating app or website to find a partner?
[] Have you ever had a "crush" on a celebrity or fictional character?
[] Have you ever gone on a blind date?
[] Have you ever walked into the wrong restroom by accident?
[] Have you ever farted loudly in a quiet room?
[] Have you ever accidentally sent a screenshot of a conversation to the person you were talking about?
[] Have you ever called your teacher "mom" or "dad" by accident?
[] Do you like spicy food?
[] Do you like horror movies?
[] Do you dislike waking up early in the morning?
[] Do you dislike insects and bugs?
[] Do you dislike loud and noisy environments?
[] Do you dislike cold weather?
[] Do you dislike the taste of coffee?
[] Do you like roller coasters and thrill rides?
[] Do you like reality TV shows?
[] Do you like eating vegetables?
[] Do you like to play bingo?
[] Do you like to play Monopoly?
[] Do you like to play puzzles?
[] Do you like watching comedy movies?
[] Do you like playing board games?
[] Do you like drinking hot chocolate?
[] Do you like listening to podcasts?
[] Do you like listening to murderpodcasts?
[] Do you like going to the movies?
[] Do you like going to the zoo?
[] Is it easy to speak about feelings?
[] Do u want more of these kind of gallups in the future? <3
Friends and guestbooks → Quote you gsm crush pt II
Loved to lurk in the last forum, so I better make some noice here
Everything else → Alinka truuths you
Is it too late?

Edit: If not, I'm so happy we reconnected. You're such a sweet human being and have your own way of just lighting up my days by just being there. You're such a ray of sunshine and everyone needs a little Alinka in their life!
Style, fashion and beauty → Quote the look you love
Alinka wrote:
New day, new forum
Always you!