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Everything else → judge me
hot you look like elvira but tan
Everything else → eurovision is over when i say
eurovision is not over until the next eurovision starts
Everything else → i wanna lie
be brave you can do it
Everything else → where are the itty bitty titty
hereee if i can't have big tits neither can my model
Competitions and games → Supergreet the one above!
Everything else → help im about to go nap
do something that activates your brain! i do puzzles :D
Competitions and games → SG or GIFT or VIP
Help, tips and tutorials → Now tell me
for me a deeply purifying toner, vitamin c-serum and a face cream with retinol in it has been working perfectly
Relationships and love → Did I do the right thing?
yes you did good
Everything else → the hey theory
it could be that or the complete opposite since at least i do that when i feel awkward messaging someone :')
Everything else → BEST ROMCOMS???????????????pls
13 going on 30!!!
Relationships and love → my ex send me a message
i wouldn't spend too much energy on the ex, tell him where you are and let the convo die i'd say
Relationships and love → Red flags
asking to venmo/mobilepay tiny amounts of money like 75 cents :')
Everything else → thank you JD's
righttt i'm constantly selling my old wardrobe cause it looks so bad now :DD
Competitions and games → Where is the model above you
Competitions and games → SG or GIFT or VIP
Everything else → airfryer people unite
Garlic bread i don't want to eat anything else anymore
From goSupermodel team → Monday Motivation Competition
Just remember that you are one Monday closer to the weekend now
Everything else → i wanna look like
same i'm currently taking makeup tips from my gosu model :D
Competitions and games → SG or GIFT