29. January 2023 20:58


29. January 2023 20:58

I yearn for the kind of love that I cannot have. I like the idea of love, the kind I see in movies and books and poems and even in my dreams. But it's the kind of love that doesn't exist.
I yearn for the kind of love where we fight against the odds. I yearn for the kind of love that makes me melt.

But once love happens to me, I do not want it.
Because it's not the same.

8. January 2023 22:14

dear diary
today in murder train i was the killer. after watching the new buss in boots film, still in love with that daymn wolf, i tried to make my writings be inspired by him. and ppl loved it. they were simpin for me, as they should

cant wait to be a smexy killer again

8. January 2023 00:23

I heard the wings flapping in the wind, their sound so familiar, both exciting and nauseating. A pig, yes. An old friend if I caught them, only a foe when they slipped past my fingers. I didn't even get to hear them honk at me before it was too late. I had accidentally refreshed the page, and just like that ...
The flapping of the wings stopped, leaving me in complete gut wrenching silence.

TLDR fuck these fucking pigs coming out of fucking nowhere

6. January 2023 22:32

dear diary
today i played murder train. the murderer killed me first. this is the fifth time this has happened. is it my name? does my name just call killers to come and snatch me away? if so, where is hannibal lecter? michael myers? i'd take freddy krueger too if i get desperate.