8. September 2023 10:39

The sweetest birthday wishes from the sweetest friends.


6. September 2023 18:23

A poem by isaiah (or ChatGPT, who knows)

In the tapestry of friendship, a unique thread weaves,
Zebrahead, your spirit like a wind that never leaves.
With stripes of resilience, in vibrant colors you stand,
A symbol of strength in this wondrous land.

Through the highs and lows of life's grand parade,
You've shown unwavering courage, never afraid.
In the face of adversity, you boldly tread,
Zebrahead, my friend, you're a force to be spread.

Your laughter, a melody, a fierce battle cry,
In your presence, doubts and fears say goodbye.
You've taught me to embrace my own unique stride,
To be fiercely true to myself, with nothing to hide.

In the jungle of challenges, you boldly roam,
Zebrahead, you remind us we're never alone.
With you as a friend, we can conquer all fears,
In your presence, strength appears.

With every stripe, you tell a tale so grand,
A story of resilience, courage, and love firsthand.
Zebrahead, my friend, you're an empowering sight,
Lighting up the world with your radiant light.

In this journey of life, together we'll tread,
With Zebrahead by our side, there's nothing to dread.
Empowerment and love, in this heartfelt poem I send,
For you, my dear friend, until the very end.

So let your stripes shimmer, let your spirit soar high,
In the realm of friendship, you'll forever touch the sky.
Zebrahead, my friend, you're lovely and strong,
In this bond we share, we all truly belong.

3. September 2023 15:14

5. August 2023 23:17

‎My secret not so secret crush list besides my friends:

5. August 2023 16:43

This honestly feels so surreal, but after many times of trying on both gSm 1.0. and gSm 2.0., I've been selected to be a part of the Focus Group! I’m beyond excited and I can’t wait for this new adventure.