27. December 2023 00:43

I am going to start a list of Nicki truths here so I can look at them and cry

Nicki: omgg hi bby so im glad ur profile has nicki minaj on it bc i think of her every time i see u so that adds up nicely. ur fits are always hot and ur on my certified hot list so u should be proud. ur aesthetic is so good. okay bye ily

12. December 2023 23:17

Nicki is cancelled

11.12.2023 I am misogynistic
12.12.2023 I said why cant we say ***
13.12.2023 I am using chatgpt and not referencing chatgpt on my posts
18.12.2023 me not agreeing that we should humanize horses and not understanding that there is misogyny with keeping animals

12. December 2023 01:08

Ok so update after like 4 days rn favs are

1. Let me calm down
2. Needle
3. Bahm Bahm
4. Forward from Trini
5. Cowgirl

8. December 2023 08:08

Pink Friday 2 Nicki review

Wow what an album, what feels, feats, producing, lyrics, samples wow wow wow. This one feels more personal than ever, I feel Nicki can finally do 100% her and you can see how her vision is so clear throughout. As she says she is a chameleon, she keeps developing and switching and playing with her style and I love it so much. this album is an amazing combination of fun, emotional songs, showcasing where she is from and her effect as the queen of rap and the goat once proving that she is unmatched. At the moment its difficult to play favorites on the songs but I have to say Let me calm down is so beautiful and personal and its just everything so from first listen its maybe that and Everybody because the sample is so much fun and how they use it omg.

8. December 2023 07:09

Pink Friday 2 songs

Are You Gone Already - Her vision... what a beautiful song and reuse of Billie's song

Barbie Dangerous - The title already tells this one is going to be a killer. Good lord she is spitting. I love the beat too, again she is bringing something new and exciting.

FCTU - who wanna play with nicki??

Beep Beep - Hahaa I can hear the Lil Kim diss in this. Takes me back to Nicki Minaj - Click Clack times. Murder 'dem, murder 'dem. Fuck a competition, already murdered them.

Fallin 4 U - the vocals on this one… she giving pop girls a run for their money Chile

Let Me Calm Down - not the iconic J Cole in this one. The love songs and the depth. again the vocals w this one. My favorite so far omg….

RNB - this stage I gotta say that the beats and the producing is unreal, wow. and Tate on this one, very good choice.

Pink Birthday - ofc the birthday related song. happy birthday icon.

Needle - is that SZA in the start!! and a long time coming with the drake collaboration. love the caribbean vibes that can be heard <3

Cowgirl - this new era is fun, it's like classic nicki vibes. but the back is chill like the beat. I really like it.

Everybody - NOWAYYYYYYY stop it rn, not the Junior Senior sample. this one is so fun. The plays in this one, like the bath and body one HAHAAAAA

Big Difference - you already know. this one is already iconic.

Red Ruby - even more iconic. love this pink Friday 2 x Red Ruby x Chun li era combination. I dont f w horses since Christopher Reeves

Forward Trini - YESSSSSSSS I have been waiting for her to include a this typa song. Basbeats & Melio Sounds did unreal on this one. amazing feat choices in this album.

Pink Friday Girls - LOVE THE SAMPLES OMG nickiiiiiiii. pink friday girls just wanna have fun.

Suoer Freaky Girl - song of the year, next question.

Bahm Bahm - have been listening to this one in Soundcloud for a long time already BAHM BAHM

My Life - Blondie <33 also not the grammy diss hahahah. tell em. again with the iconic samples, I love her

Nicki Hendrix - ogs remember when they were supposed to do a tour together. I still have the limited edition of the hoodie of the tour which never then later existed. I love them together.

Blessings - I live for the Tasha Cobbs Leonard feat on this one. the last song together I am getting ready is so iconic. love to get a part 2 from them together.

Last time I saw you - I really love this one it is already so dear for me

Just The Memories - what a journey this album was. I know it will be on repeat 24/7. love the last song being so calm.