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15. January 2023 18:57

dear goblog,

gsm is so full off drama, luckly we started a club with iconic biches so if there is drama on the forum we just go in to this club and chill. utz so much fun.

slay besties xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

13. January 2023 23:04

dear goblog,

slowley gettin tired off all the trolls here like is it really worth it staying here LOLZ.

slay besties, xxxx baddie

6. January 2023 16:49

dear goblog,

Did some charity work today, for my broke friends what could they do without me? guess well never know. its so iconic to have me as a friend. xxxxxx

Baddie aka make a wish xxxxxxxxxx

5. January 2023 18:28

dear goblog,

Im so excited today is the day we will be releasing the most iconic spicy magazine off the year. i hope everyone will like it only clem is offline im waiting for her to release it!!! i hope she will be here FAST!!!!!

Slay besties, xxx baddie

3. January 2023 17:48

dear goblog,

i cleaned the whole house today, im so iconic for that. i should be praised!!!! now me and clem are working on a very special magazine, im excited for it.

slay besties, xxx baddie