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Pls buy my magazine Pullip! ♥

28. January 2023 21:11

You can clown on me if you want for this, but honestly I feel like it was meant for me to go to Australia for this year and only reason why I think this is this song:

And why that song? I will miss my boyfriend so much and this song appearing before I leave?! It's faith.. Laugh all you want but it is!!

25. January 2023 22:31

Topics for my magazine:

25. January 2023 20:01

Recipe for chocolatechip muffins ♥

Bad photo but it was taken by my mom. ^^'

20. January 2023 14:16

~My first magazine, Pullip pls buy it! ♥

23. December 2022 11:51

New gocode:

You get from it: Polkadot colorful horse, quality is Diamond