18. July 2023 17:19

૮ • ﻌ - ა

19. April 2023 03:42

oate? couture. haute? garbage.

bloated lips and drooling eyes

12. February 2023 22:13

my cat and closest companion is getting old
she might not live to see past this summer. i don't really think i've ever realized the level of comfort she has brought me these past 17-ish years. it's hard to prepare for, because i basically grew up with her??! how the fuck do i prepare for that.
i'm sad but i try not to think much of it, as she is still here and just today we had a cute interaction together, that i know she enjoyed a lot.
I know for a fact i'll be griefing for a long time after her passing, and i'll miss her dearly.
but on the contrary i'm hopeful that things won't turn out as bad.
maybe she has another year or two.. maybe 5 if we're really lucky, and this is just a storm that's passing. maybe i'm also just naive.
either way i love her and hope she has been comfortable in our care

12. December 2022 17:35

i <3 pigs