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26. January 2023 02:52

she reminds me of sleepless nights
and wordless lullabies
followed by illuminating echoes
and infectious whispers
that are all too soon
devoured by the break of dawn;

for spellbound am i
by her ferocious eyes
and in the midst of my demise
she found me, and turned me
into something holy;

so i kiss her
with stardust in my lungs
and poison on my lips
leaving myself lightheaded
and begging for more;
it melts into tranquillity, and tastes like a promise

25. January 2023 15:50

oh to be an eldritch being like the moth man and terrorize poor citizens in the dead of night

14. January 2023 22:17

not to be salty abt my ex cause she did nothing wrong but like. when she broke up w me, she said one of the factors we broke up was due to her getting a job in copenhagen ?? and like yeah sometimes we'd talk abt moving, and she did mention copenhagen a lot, but it just makes me wonder how long did she know abt the job ?? cause she said her work started in january and we broke up late december, so she mustve known a while ... anyways

14. January 2023 14:06

the maze runner franchise you will always have my heart

11. January 2023 21:20

Hi, yes, I wanna help my friend (linked) reach a higher level.
All you have to do is send Freud a greeting/supergreeting, and you're in.

1 greeting = 1 ticket.
1 supergreet = 50 tickets.

WRITE in a comment how many greetings/supergreetings you've sent to Freud, otherwise your tickets won't count. REMEMBER you have to be level 6 or higher in order to trade with me.

I'll be writing your tickets in a google docs, and use random number generator to find the winners.
The competition ends 1/13/23 23:59 GMT +1.

1 person will win 10k goMoney.
1 person will win 5k goMoney.
2 people will win 2,5k goMoney.
1 person will win 50 VIP days.
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