24. August 2023 22:24

What is wrong with you guys? What happened to GSM? When i heard GSM was back i was very excited because of the nostalgia. But i'm shocked of what this has become. You guys who are the mods are very toxic and can't respect other peoples opinion. We're all adults and we should respect each others different opinions. But this really became a cult. Why in the world can't someone even put up a topic about a ---------- d Why should you mute something like that? It could motivate people who have obese. You guys should be ashamed of yourself for putting people quiet who are working on their health. Hearth disease is one of the most killing diseases in the world.

And what's up with putting the LGBTQ+ in everyones throat? Let people have their own opinion and create a thick skin.

What you guys don't know is that i'm a famous Youtuber and i'm making a video about this. I'm going to expose all of you because this is very toxic behaviour. People should have their freedom of speech. I got about 543.343 Subscribers. See you on YouTube!

27. December 2022 22:32

U why u stalkin