12. February 2023 12:13

Plastic fantastic poem:

"Saltybiscuit, a name that brings to mind
The struggles of life, and the climb
For life is difficult, and the road is long
And every step we take, is just another song

It's the challenges faced, and the battles we fight
The dreams we chase, in the dead of the night
It's the tears we shed, and the pain we endure
The perseverance that makes us pure

But sometimes, when we need a boost
We reach for a drink, that gives us proof
For Redbull gives us wings, to rise above
And with each sip, we find the strength to love

So let us embrace, the struggles we face
And the challenges we must overcome with grace
For life is difficult, but we are not alone
And Saltybiscuit, a name that we own

So let's drink to life, and all its twists and turns
With a Redbull, that helps us through and burns"

6. February 2023 14:44

My memes are ironic, my depression is chronic