25. February 2024 17:56

I'm going to make Burrata Pasta with honey tomatoes now, and I hope it turns out well, especially after trying to make the Smashed Potato Salad yesterday, which didn't quite taste as I had imagined

20. February 2024 22:06

Finally a shop drop with vintage clothes

3. February 2024 01:48

Enjoying my last free days to the fullest <3 (also with studying)

23. January 2024 00:24

Studying all day is annoying, but I know there will be times in my life when I'll wish that the stress of exams was my biggest problem under these circumstances, it makes it a little more bearable

22. January 2024 00:12

At the moment, I am solely focused on studying. The exam period starts in a week
Last Friday I've visited a friend, and we enjoyed burgers from her boyfriend's restaurant
It was such a nice evening and a good distraction from the current routine