6. May 2023 18:07

363x511 for front page, 726x511 for double (open) page.

731 pixel width, 1080 pixels or less height.

21. April 2023 20:48

I am not apart of any club or chat for focus group yet and am just gonna try to log things I am seeing on random forums here until then. Nothing formal or neat but as reminders lol.

- pause button BSR
- communication/thank you message for application being received
- more diversity emphasis on future application processes (even if just a question on racial/ethnicity and gender identity.. include a "prefer not to say" option for those uncomfortable to still have the chance to apply)
- different default shop collection than hippie
- last purchased mag not disappearing off the model hover screen if we wanna continue the "sticker" trend (please give them and trading magazines their own categories so they dont clutter scoop)
- larger character limit on friends message boards
- save looks with +15 items to magazines
- like/love react to forum posts
- adjust notifications settings
- greetings - select quantity, add to trade system
- clock on site

27. December 2022 01:22

Admin team: goMila, Manuscript and Camzilla

26. December 2022 22:09

<div style="background: url(/displaypicture?imageid=20083&large=1); no-repeat; width:732px; height:513px; position: relative; margin-left: -7px; margin-top:-31px; margin-bottom:-20px;">
<div style="margin-left:260px; margin-top:140px; margin-bottom:0px; width:194x; height:180px; float:left;">Your text.</div>

22. December 2022 01:27

just putting it in my gsm diary, that camzilla took the inside joke about toothbrushes, made it a gocode, so we could all cosplay as caitlin the clown.

gocode: toothbrush