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sorry I can't talk rn, im doing hot girl sh1t (playing gsm)

20. September 2023 18:09

Hello Hello!!

I'm Luna!! I'm 24 and a cat mom!

I never really left 2009
– I will make a cooler profile soon –

I love:

metalcore, frogs, crystals, body mod, tea, cats ofc, coffee, asking alexandria, kandi, fun colored hair hehe, emo fashion, sunflowers, monster energy, sanrio, demonia shoes, pokemon, gothic decor, fairies, aliens, cartoon, vedure pizza, bats, sweden, cinnamon buns, concerts, the moon, vegan nuggets, memes, spongebob, black skinny jeans, lava lamps, adventure, funny socks, plants, hair spray, my passport picture and myself!

I hate:
1 layered toilet paper, live love laugh signs, gin & tonic, my nose, friends (the tv show), mercury in retrograde, ugly shoes, cheese, cleaning my home and myself!

2. March 2023 00:03

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