28. January 2023 01:15

Lucky Star
Lucky Star, so bright and true,
Shining bright in all you do,
A ray of hope, a guiding light,
In your eyes, so pure and bright.

With a smile that warms the heart,
And a spirit that won't depart,
You light up the darkest days,
And chase away the night's dark ways.


26. January 2023 00:41

Lightroom > export as > JPG custom 1080p 100%

18. January 2023 14:11

omg kimmie

17. January 2023 20:20

sun Leo
moon libra
rising virgo
venus cancer

venus = how you are in relationships
sun = who you are
rising = version of you who you show to the world
moon = emotions

17. January 2023 02:39