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13. March 2023 01:25

A Review of Lucky Star's Posts: A Blend of Humor and Critical Analysis

Lucky Star is a user who seems to be active on a variety of topics on the GSM forum. Their posts are interesting, humorous, and thought-provoking, making for a great read. Let's dive into some of their recent posts and see what they had to say.

On March 9th, Lucky Star shared their favorite chips flavor, Jalapeño Cheese, which they ordered online. The post shows their love for the spicy and cheesy flavor, and it's relatable to many snack lovers out there.

In another post, Lucky Star shared their thoughts on mental health and how GSM didn't affect them. While this may come off as insensitive to some, it's important to note that everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Lucky Star's perspective on this topic is refreshing, and their humor lightens up the conversation.

Lucky Star also shared their view on relationships and having a crush. They wish they didn't have a crush, which many people can relate to. Their post shows how complicated and frustrating love can be.

On March 10th, Lucky Star shared their thoughts on the MH370 documentary, which left them too scared to travel by plane again. This post shows how documentaries and media can impact people's decisions and emotions.

In another post, Lucky Star joked about the idea of "kill 'em with kindness" when it comes to dealing with racists. While humor may not always be the best approach, it does add a light-hearted tone to a heavy topic.

Overall, Lucky Star's posts on the GSM forum are a great blend of humor and critical analysis. While some of their posts may come off as insensitive, it's important to remember that everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Lucky Star's unique perspective on various topics is what makes their posts interesting and entertaining to read.


28. January 2023 01:15

Lucky Star
Lucky Star, so bright and true,
Shining bright in all you do,
A ray of hope, a guiding light,
In your eyes, so pure and bright.

With a smile that warms the heart,
And a spirit that won't depart,
You light up the darkest days,
And chase away the night's dark ways.


18. January 2023 14:11

omg kimmie

17. January 2023 20:20

sun Leo
moon libra
rising virgo
venus cancer

venus = how you are in relationships
sun = who you are
rising = version of you who you show to the world
moon = emotions