27. November 2023 20:07

In the realm of Gosupermodel's forum sphere,
Where whispers weave and voices leer,
Tornerosa stands, a mystic elite,
While threads unravel, a tangled feat.

"Annoying forums," a lament's refrain,
Checkmate's plea, a voting's bane,
Naughty or nice, the query's made,
Life's indifference, a truth displayed.

Brown cheese musings, Ibsen's delight,
Dermal ponderings, a curious sight,
Mushroom lady claims her name,
Ignored voices, a silent game.

Election fervor, Dutch debates,
Feelings of neglect, the weight frustrates,
A plea not to silence, Checkmate's plea,
In this digital world, a constant spree.

"I'm feeling so bad," a troubled soul,
A mushroom lady's whimsical stroll,
Echoes linger, voices collide,
Gosupermodel's essence, worldwide.

Forums bloom with varied tales,
Legends, VIPs, and rising stars set sails,
Where conversations ebb and flow,
Gosupermodel, a digital tableau.


20. November 2023 00:35

20.11.2024 00:23 dream came true

18. November 2023 22:04

bought a new donald pocket today, christmas edition

24. August 2023 13:04

d man

14. July 2023 21:49