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Hello there! ♡

I'm a 26-year-old from Denmark,

embracing the adventures that

life has to offer. I love connecting

with new people, sharing stories,

and exploring the beauty of

everyday moments. Let's chat

and discover the world together!

                   ❀ Lamali

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Tips - How to play wardrobe challenge

Step 1
- You start your game in the top left corner.
- Then you select 1 item you want to start removing from the game (I prefer the bags).
- It is important that you always start from the top, while also checking whether all items have a partner. (It is important that you do not have an object at the bottom without a partner - so keep an eye on it).

--> When you have removed all bags, continue to step 2.

Step 2:

- Now it is important that you concentrate so that the object does not fall down incorrectly and you do not win your level. You have to keep an eye on how your move affects the other pieces.
- You now start by removing a new object. (Personally, I choose the one that fits best so that it doesn't spoil anything about the other pieces).

--> If this is not an option, see step 3.

Step 3:
- If it still seems bad, remove a little bit at a time. However, it is important that you are still aware that no pieces lie alone.
- When you only have a few pieces left, you have to think twice. You have to constantly watch how the pieces fall down, so you have the opportunity to take them all.
- And remember that the more you practice, the better you get.

Also remember to keep an eye out for the same object in the row next to it, it makes it much easier to get them all to match.

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D: 26/12-22.... 130
D: 30/12-22.... 212
D: 1/1-23........ 790
D: 6/1-23........ 882
D: 9/1-23........ 1209
D: 14/1-23...... 1291
D: 28/1-23...... 1980
D: 5/2-23........ 2245
D: 8/2-23........ 2332
D: 11/2-23...... 3212
D: 15/3-23...... 4288
D: 30/7-23...... 4713
D: 31/7-23...... 4817
D: 27/8-23...... 5071
D: 28/8-23...... 5130
D: 30/8-23...... 5132
D: 25/12-23.....5447
D: 6/1-2024……5508