16. August 2023 17:06

Hey people.

i've come to the point where i feel like im fully done with gosupermodel, and therefore decided that its my time to quit. i will be selling 80% of my wardrobe on auctions within the next upcoming days, the rest that i wont sell will be dying with my model :)
everything on my auctions will be between 3-10 gm.

sadly i do not feel at all comfortable with everything thats going on, neither do i like when people spread misinformation about my former collegues.
to gaslight and manipulate a situation where they know we clearly are not allowed to speak up since we are signed under contract, poussey move.

so with this it'll be my final goodbye for gsm. and i hope you guys find anything interesting on my wardrobe auctions

i will forever be greatful for the friends i've made on the site, and for my former collegues on the focusser group you guys were truly amazing and deserves so much!

i will tho be active on snapchat and other social medias, just hmu for my snapchat since i dont want the wrong people to have it.

but my instagram is - https://www.instagram.com/karlssonbilly00/
and my discord tag is - @sensitivetopic
playstation gamertag - Justbillyk

and if u find me on tinder and badoo, no you did not