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- DO NOT join if you do not have the TIME to be here until the end.
- If you are not visibly active, then you will be kicked off the game

We are doing 20(!) players. It will take time, probably 3-4 hours DEPENDING on how good people are at catching the killers.
- The faster you find the murderers, the faster the game is over.
- Please remember you can die at any given time in the game.

You do need a solid reasoning for voting someone off, not because "someone else said so" or "I feel like it".

Come up with theories, try to discuss and get your brain around it, use your CLUEDO knowledge and lets gooo. Let people have a chance to defend themselves and don't attack people when accusing them.

If this happens, sheeping or attacking this will equal in consequences.

We love you all, love Burst & Cinnamon (toasty)

How to play? (stolen from Burst)

You pick a wagon, you'll have 3 wagon mates. Once all wagons are filled you will vote for a mayor and the roles will (secretly) be handed out. Murderer and other non-villager roles will recieve their role from Burst and the murderer will text Burst their first kill. Cinnamon will post this. You will have to discuss, after discussing we will ask for votes. You can change your vote ONCE per voting round. 5 minutes for voting, then we move on to the next round.

▷ Murderer -> Oogie Boogie: is the murderer and will send me their murder text. This person chooses one model from the train and kills it in a creative story!
-------> PERK: murderer is allowed to ask us ONCE during the game about anyones role. Think wisely!
▷ Mayor of Halloweentown: You vote for the Mayor, and they have 2 votes.
▷ Jack & Sally: if one of them dies, both will die
▷ Detective -> Zero (the dog): can each round ask me the role of a player (if they ask the role of the jester; Burst will say they are INNOCENT. This is to give them time to establish a chance at winning.)
▷ Healer -> Dr. Frankenstein: can each round choose a person that will be protected (or sewed up if you will).
-------> PERKS: The healer can SELF HEAL ONCE, never twice in a row.
▷ Cat -> Santa: has two lives
▷ Villager: you’re an innocent person
▷ Jester (Lock, Shock and Barrel): Is someone who tries to sabotage the game, if they get voted off they get a personal win, but the game continues
▷ Lawyer: will protect a random person (picked by us), could be the killer or an innocent but they do not know the role of the person. The person they are protecting does not know if they have a lawyer or not or who it might be. If your client is being sussed; try to put the blame on someone else. If your client is voted off (note; not killed), you are out of the game. If your client dies you are a normal villager.

▷ THE JOKER -> A secret role that will be given to someone by us, but the person will not know until DEATH. If the person never dies, the role will never be activated. If the person dies (note; is killed) the role will activate and reveal a SURPRISE.



Halloween Town:

Christmas Town:

Easter Town:

Valentine's Town:


1. SHARING YOUR ROLE? Yes - or no?
Do whatever you feel like.. Everything has consequences for you when you have a role. Think through it.

2. MAYOR can have a role. For example; mayor could be a corrupted killer!

3. IF A TIE the Mayor decides! Fun times

Try it out and see! It might get you killed.. might not!

5. THE CAT cannot come back to life is voted for exile (voted off), but it will resurrect if it is killed. When killed twice, it dies.

6. THE HEALER cannot self heal and then expect to live if voted off - into exile you go!

Good - any questions? NO? GOOD LET'S GO

19. January 2023 14:44

If anyone's wondering about PERKS: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bring-gosupermodel-back#/faq

Q: How exclusive will the items from the perks be once goSupermodel relaunch? Will they be sold again at a later point in time?

All items that are obtained through the following perks will never ever be used again by goSupermodel: Rising Star, Elite, Legendary, Vintage and Snake Queen outfit. All other items may be used in promos or VIP perks, but will never be made available through the goSupermodel shop. All items will be tradeable between models.

14. January 2023 01:24

Thank you Aethers, I love her to bits