2. September 2023 19:47

kinda miss using this as an actual diary like i did on gsm 1.0 lmao

30. July 2023 17:47

experiencing this much trauma in a six month period shouldn't be possible

19. March 2023 18:11

my NEW tip for winning wardrobe challenge is depression !!!

i've gotten much better

17. January 2023 17:36

the TRUE tips to win wardrobe challenge as dummies

OBVIOUS: the usual tactics are choosing one color at the time, starting from the top left and working yourself towards the right and bottom

CHECKING: when you open a new game, pay attention to which color is the best to collect first!! Choosing one color to start with every time you start a game isn't always the best way because the choosen color can sometimes be the most difficult to gather at the start. I like to take my time and find a color that is already pretty collected and plan how to collect the bubbles that are lonely!!

TOP: removing the bubbles from the top are the best tactic, as lond as some bubbles are not lonely! When gathering a certain color, it's important to watch the bottom as well!

BOTTOM: When you remove bubbles, be careful not to leave any singles at the top of a row!! This is how you end up with a mess at the bottom, creating the zigzags which are my personal worst enemies if you get a long row at the bottom, try to remove each bubble using the bubbles to the right!

PATIENCE: taking your time is really the secret!! I have a short attention span and sometimes just start clicking away without thinking about the consequences. Plan which bubbles to pop carefully and notice where they will land when falling!!

When I finish a level i usually get pretty excited, so I always tell myself to calm down and focus as this is usually how I mess up Never stop trying!!! I've become better since I started and using these tips and often get to lvl 3-5!!

Hope some of this helped