12. February 2023 20:25

I don't plan on designing for gSm, but I do design for other sites and am keeping up with the design threads on here as much as I can. So just a few general words of encouragement and thinking for everyone who might be new to designing or maybe just needs to hear it.

Felling insecure and feeling like your work sucks - especially compared to that of others - will to a great extent just be part of your creative life and journey. No matter how long you look at something you've made, you'll always feel like it just isn't good enough. And that's something you'll have to remember whenever you feel like your work sucks. Because actually, it's not your work, it's your perspective on it that makes it look bad.

You'll always look at your own creation and remember all the different ways you could have done it differently. You remember the pain and agony and hours of frustration that went into it. When you compare that with a design someone else made ... you don't see their "suffering". It looks nice and easy and fast and just "omg, why can't I do this".

You can, oh, you absolutely can. Sure, a lot of it will be a question of dedication and time. You may not reach the same level of design skill within the same time as someone else. But if you keep at it and are set on actually improving, learning new ways and techniques and changing things up every now and then, you most definitely will become just as good as all those people you look up to. You'll maybe even become better than them. Not that it matters who's the best. But I promise you, your designs will definitely not suck and make a lot of people very happy. They'll be a reason for you to be proud.

But looking at your own work with pride will take a lot of time. Time spent learning and time spent forgetting how much you suffered making something. Once you look at your own designs with the fresh eyes of someone who doesn't know how long it took you and how many tears might have been shed, you too will look at your own old design and think "gods, I wish I was that good".

And another one:

One thing to remember is that we are good at different things. Some are good at hair, some create the most amazing dresses, some have a creativity out of this world, some have a realistic technique, some their own recognizable style, and these are just some examples.

We need someone to fill every skill, to create diversity. We can easily forget what we are good at by comparing us to others.

8. February 2023 22:30

Iris (Finite)

Thank you for checking up on me whenever i feel down and spreading your positivity wherever you go. Make sure to surround yourself with people that often check up on you too, because you're so deserving of love and kindness <3 I appreciate you very much, and I'm happy to be your friend.