24. August 2023 21:43

I'm just going to start by leaving this here: https://youtu.be/Dr3lJem4Kp8?si=1FPt92oYJXpf_00W

The lyrics, the song... It holds space for big emotions. I've always been called too much, too sensitive, too dramatic. I am none of those things. I just feel deeply. I'm sensitive, I'm expressive. Both in my emotions and my art. I just connect to these songs in a different way. There's a reason why our hearts all start beating at the same rhythm when watching theater (even if we hate it). Beating slower and faster as the songs call upon our emotions.

Here's the thing. I think deep down we all feel things deeply. We've just been taught to hold it all in. And it makes me realize why musical theater means so much to me. It makes me realize why so many people connect over musical theater so easily. Because it holds a special place in our hearts, literally.

23. April 2023 14:29


Of all the friends we've made in life,
Alomnia shines ever so bright,
Full of charm and full of grace,
Her presence makes each day feel light.

With a smile that lights up the room,
And a laugh that's contagious too,
She brings joy and happiness,
In everything she says and do.

Her heart is big and full of love,
For people far and near,
And in her company we always feel,
Accepted, valued, and so dear.

The world is a better place,
For having Alomnia in it,
For she brings sunshine to our lives,
And the world is more radiant.

So here's to our dear Alomnia,
A friend that's truly rare,
We thank the stars for bringing her
Into our lives and hearts to share.

23. April 2023 11:56

Profile coding topic by Moon


20. April 2023 15:32


Alomnia, the fairy godmother of diamonds,
Sprinkling enchantment with every spark that blinds,
Granting wishes of glamour and grace,
Leaving a trail of beauty in every place

4. April 2023 12:27

Bo (Lovely Rain)

Hi! Please never forget you matter and you can do this. 1 step at a time. Day by day. I believe in you. You're a gorgeous and capable person. You're amazing. I love you and wish you all the best things. I'm glad you exist and you make the world a more beautiful place