7. February 2023 23:15

copied from Hejira's goBlog bc i would lose them if i didn't

⚠️‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Ⓜ️ (hidden space bar in between for empty messages)





Other fun (non-emoji) symbols


❁❀❃✿⚘⚜❉ ҉ ✼

29. January 2023 19:21

pop girlies recs from forum

natasha thomas

23. January 2023 09:48

should have had a meeting with a psychiatrist this morning, but got cancelled when I showed up and was scolded for not picking up the phone, but i literally have not received a single call today... that was really hard

7. January 2023 16:13

ideas for fashion comp themes

molotov c*cktail party

7. January 2023 01:09

got all my pictures approves today! so i updated my profile
i uploaded them new year's day, so almost a week ago :o

i also made two goTests tonight! gotta go to bed now though...

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