29. January 2023 21:38

Rice tastes good

28. January 2023 22:43

People join my club and I don't get why bcs it only has a cool name and nothing else to offer. Love my weirdos

28. January 2023 01:54

Blobfish sing a sooong

26. January 2023 05:36

Plsss my friends are the best, you are all so fun ahahaha. How do I deserve that. Fruit party on gsm whoop whoop. Love you all XD <3333

25. January 2023 23:17

No tears left to cry
That's what she said
Ari's her name
never heard that

Dangerous woman
Will never be mad
Ari's her name
Be sure of that

Positions and problems
Can really be bad
Ari's her name
We all know that

Thank u, next
Have never been sad
Ari's her name
Ex didn't like that

Break Free I guess
Will go and be mad
Ari's her name
We all approved that

One Last Time
This doesn't make sense
Ari's her name
Jokes like a queen