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20. May 2023 16:23

Can someone please fix my wrist, I really need it back at 100%. Ugh.

16. May 2023 14:55

The dumbest wasp on earth lives right next to my window.

10. May 2023 14:24

We got important stuff to do this week that we now all have to postpone. Not even starting to speak of my wrist that I need to get checked out. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

10. May 2023 14:23

Colds are so USELESS! It's just testing your patience... for nothing. Grrr. Great body, we feel bad now for a few days. Like... why?? Can you just stop. We really don't WANT or NEED to be sick right now.

9. May 2023 18:19

I love a good old floating pixel