28. September 2023 02:11

i still miss u damn

29. August 2023 01:45

sad girl hours

31. July 2023 02:00

annu's unhinged songlio list

pov: its 4am and u have an essay due tomorrow
pov: class started 2 hours ago and u woke up late
pov: ur a dog
pov: ur a cat
pov: ur in the store with ur mum and she left u
pov: ur trying to help ur mum with smth and she starts yelling at u
pov: u gotta piss
pov: u crashed ur car and this is playing on the radio
pov: ur our moth friend who is living life somewhere
pov: ur a mosquito lusting for annu
pov: u just came home from the clubs (and ur drunk)
the theme song for u life
pov: u just spent 2 hours on ur gsm fit and accidentally closed the tab
pov: ur a fly terrorising medusa
pov: u and ur gsm friend are flirting a bit too much
pov: ur spoilt milk in the fridge
pov: u just woke up from a coma 12 years later
pov: u were set up on a blind date and ur date is in fact a serial killer

26. July 2023 01:01


Song to get the party started
Heartbreak anthems
A song you’ll never get tired of
Girl power
POV: you're in the car when it's raining, acting like you're in a videoclip
A song you HATE with all your heart
Roadtrip songs
(High School) Musical songs
Songs not to play in a church
A song to sing in the shower
POV: you've just finished playing wardrobe challenge for 3 hours
POV: you have an essay due tomorrow and its 4 am
Your current favorite song
This song should be the next shrek title song
POV: you crashed your car
This song plays on your way to school/work
A song you would play at your friends wedding
POV: you've been single for a LONG time
Best party song
POV: your spoilt milk in the fridge
Christmas songs
Songs that you would walk on during fashion show
POV: love is in the air
Protesting song
POV: you're a dog
Monday mood
Songs that you would send to Eurovision for your home country
POV you're in an existential crisis
Guilty pleasures
A goodbye song
LAST ROUND: pick whatever you want <3

17. July 2023 01:14

The Black Hawk War Or How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself In the Morning Or We Apologize for the Inconvenience But Youre Going to Have to Leave Now Or I Have Fought the Big Knives and Will Continue to Fight Them Until They Are Off Our Lands