28. February 2023 22:09

Wardrobe challenge tips and tricks!

First I just want to clarify that I use the word ”cluster” to describe more than two pieces of the same colors that is together, in other words; pieces you can click away.

Tips on how to slay wardrobe challenge:

Always have an overview of the board.
- It is crucial that you do not focus on one spot or one color. I usually start with the outer left side and when I feel that I have it under control and can solve it pretty easily, I will move on to the next part.

Don’t let a cluster fall apart
- When you are thinking about taking away a cluster at the bottom of the board, look at the top to see if a cluster will be messed up. If it’s in the beginning of the game it is safe to just click the one at the top away before you take the one at the bottom. We have all been there when there is a tall vertical line of alternating colors in the end, this is how it’s formed. Just make sure that you are not taking away the last cluster of a color if you still have one left.

Don’t let a piece fall to the bottom if they can’t pair up
- The bottom is the hardest part to solve, once a piece hits the bottom, it can only move towards the right side of the board.

You only need two
- This is importan to remember if you are in a situation where you have a few pieces left of the same color and you feel like you need to save them. As long as you have two left of the same color, it is safe to sacrifice some clusters if you need it.

Vertical lines of the same color is your best friend
- Even if it’s just two pieces on top of each other, it can be very helpful.

Know your game
- The board is layered pretty much the same throughout the game. It gets more difficult the higher the level, but the basis is still consistent. The right side has a tall, relatively vertical cluster. The right side is always easier to solve so that is not a priority. The left side has more alternating colors. The top of the board usually have a lot of clusters, while the bottom does not. It’s also important to recognize how the pieces fall and make sure that they fall where you want them.

Kill your darlings
- I’m all about sacrifice, never try to make big pieces. Let’s say that a bag piece is blocking a lot of pieces on the left side. If you remove a heel cluster you can get a bag cluster beside the one that is blocking. But if you do that, a t-shirt piece is now blocking for you instead. But if you take away the bag cluster (before they could pair up with the blocking piece), two t-shirt pieces will form a cluster and you can remove that one and then you can have another bag piece pair up with the bag piece that was blocking for you. Does this sound complicated? It isn't really (it's just kind of hard to explain lol), you just have to think two steps ahead.

Save your pieces!
- This is the best tip I can give you. As I said before I will make sure that the far left of the board can be solved easily and move on to the rest of the board. I will always try to save pieces of every color. This is especially helpful in the end.