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All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players.

8. September 2023 21:17

★ FORM ★
NAME – Tabitha Kaydence "T.K." Young
AGE – 27
GENDER & SEXUALITY – Female & straight.

APPEARANCE – T.K. is pretty small and petite, being only 157 cm tall and pretty skinny. And she will keep skinny, thanks to her mother's fast metabolism and lots of exercise. But she is also stronger than people think. And very agile.

She has brown eyes and naturally light brown/dark blonde hair, but she has been dyeing it blonde ever since she was fifteen. It took her a while to learn to do it just right. And she never quite did. But, she can always get a friend or even a hairdresser ti do it for her.

She loves wearing trench coats, because they make her look mysterious and kinda smart. She also loves high heels. In fact, the higher the heel the better. Because she loves appearing taller than she actually is. It makes her look a little more intimidating. And sexier.

FAMILY & HISTORY – T.K. was born to gold-digger mom Rosa Young nee Lopez and businessman dad Victor Young, in London. T.K. grew up as an only child. And when she turned fourteen, her family lost everything. All their money, a fancy house in a nice neighborhood and most importantly, their reputation. Oh, and T.K. did lose her father and Rosa lost her husband. Because Victor went to jail. He was accused of embezzling from his clients and companies, tax fraud and worst of them all, killing his business partner.

To be honest, T.K. doesn't know much of her father's crimes. Her mother didn't want her to know. In fact, they left the country as soon as they could. Since, T.K. ‘s mother happens to be originally from the US, Chicago. But not from a nice neighborhood that they were both accustomed to. No, Rosa grew up in a bad neighborhood and she vowed she would never go back there. But life has funny way of fucking you over. So, Rosa had to return home as a 35-year-old grown woman, with a fourteen-year-old daughter.

Rosa couldn’t handle the humiliation and a constant reminder of her past, so she just left the day before T.K. ‘s fifteenth birthday. So, T.K. was raised by her grandparents and to this day, she has no clue where her mother is. And her dad is still in jail.

PERSONALITY – When T.K. was younger, she vowed she would never end up like her parents. Gold-digging coward or a murdering thief. And today, she manipulates men better than her mother ever did, but she has never killed one in cold blood. And she wouldn’t describe herself as a coward or a thief either. She does sometimes steal, but it’s fine as long as she doesn’t kill someone in the process. She is still better than either one of her parents. Right?

T.K. has pretty dark and dry sense of humor and she just loves laughing. She is also pretty sarcastic and outspoken, but she can (most of the time) shut up, if it’s needed. Sometimes she comes off as cold and emotionless, but she feels a lot of things. She just sometimes has difficulty showing her true emotions. Or emotions all together. So, she is often faking it. Sometimes to make others feel better or just to manipulate them for her own selfish needs.

She wouldn’t really describe herself as a bad person. Though, she is obviously not a good person either. She just is her. A person, who is fiercely loyal to those closest to her. A person, who can’t always keep her stupid, sarcastic comments to herself. A person, who, despite being told she has a “resting b*tch face”, loves smiling and laughing. A person, who doesn’t always know what or how to feel stuff. And maybe most importantly, a person who would do almost anything to help those closest to her.

★ She has been told she has something called "resting b*tch face". Mainly by men. Who have also said, that she should smile more. To which she would just say: "Yeah, fuck that". She decides when she smiles.
★ She loves animals. Especially cats. She even has one. It's cute, white rescue girl named Odette.
★ She loves running, going to the gym and doing yoga. And swimming during summers.
★ She is a great shot, both with guns and bows. She is also good at throwing knifes and using a sword. Though, she can also handle herself just fine without any weapon at all. And she really enjoys a good fight every now and again.
★ She has naturally a British accent, but she can change/disguise it if need be.
★ She has a beautiful singing voice and she just loves karaoke.
★ She used to be a huge bookworm as a kid and she still enjoys reading.
★ She is only 1/4 Hispanic, despite her grandparents both being of Mexican-descent. That is, because her grandfather isn't biologically related to her. Her grandma had an affair with an English man and had Rosa. Who in turn also married an English man and had T.K.
★ She calls her gang her family.

MOODBOARD – https://fi.pinterest.com/Tespuliini/tk-young/

29. August 2023 14:50

OKAY, let’s start!

IT’S Friday 1. of September, 19 o’clock. It’s the time for an annual festival, simply called The Festival, that celebrates the start of Autumn season. There are rides (ferris wheel, carousel and bumper cars). There are also bunch of stands, for different kinds of sweets, snacks and foods. And of course, game booths where you can win awesome prizes (mainly stuffed animals and candy). Your characters can have their own stands and they can even do business from there (as long as it’s fine with their leaders).

WEATHER is nice. Sunny and 25°C. Though, the sun is setting soon.

FERRIS WHEEL – https://fi.pinterest.com/pin/253257179037604907/
CAROUSEL – https://fi.pinterest.com/pin/749075350544951920/
BUMBER CARS – https://fi.pinterest.com/pin/564920347018715470/

24. August 2023 20:25

RP – Two Worlds Colliding

Hello! And welcome to my simple, kinda low-effort gang rp. I honestly don’t have much of a plot or anything planned. But I have some rules for you: let’s follow gsm rules and just be respectful towards each other. And let’s try to be active, like writing at least 2-3 times a week. Though, of course I understand that some of us have lives outside gsm. I don’t, but others do. So, I would appreciate a notice, if you can’t write in a while. Either on the forum, or via a private message.
And I expect you to write in understandable English and let’s say at least six rows at a time, so we can keep the story going.


In Chicago, there are two rivaling gangs, the Hawks and the Rats. And of course there are bunch of other gangs as well, but we will be concentrating on these two fictional rivals.

The Hawks consists of rich kids, spoiled brats with their parents expensive lawyers in their retainer and no clue how the real world actually works. They mainly deal drugs to rich kids, bored housewives and whoever else is in need in their territory. They have their better neighborhood as their territory. And they will get mad and retaliate, if somebody dares to cross them.

The Rats consists of more poor “kids” from already bad neighborhood. They are in a gang because they have to. It’s not an exciting adventure for them. And that’s probably the biggest reason they can’t stand the Hawks. Other one being, that the Hawks are slowly coming to their territory. And stealing their clients. With their more affordable drugs. But the Rats still have an upper hand. Because they also deal in illegal guns.

So, with the tensions rising, is a gang war inevitable? Or will the gangs be able to restore the peace? Or not peace per se, but more like coexistence.




I can always add roles, so asks away if you have something specific in mind. Like maybe you wanna come with an accountant or a bodyguard. Or an outsider, like maybe a pesky detective who is going after one or both gangs.

RELATIONSHIPS – (dating or even just being friends with the rival gang’s members is very much frowned upon)

18. August 2023 18:48

Name: Alice Léonie Moreau
Age: 28

Personality: Alice has massive trust issues and even bigger issues when it comes to commitment. That’s probably why she has never been in a committed relationship. Only romantic relationships she has, are one-night stands. She never sleeps with the same guy again.

Background: Alice was born to a French-born fashion model Chantal Moreau, who had moved to America as a young adult, and an American lawyer Arthur Junior “A.J.” Howard. When AJ found out Chantal was pregnant, he tried to get her to have an abortion or give the baby away, but Chantal didn’t budge. She wanted to have the baby. But A.J. didn’t want to be a father, so he promised to pay good child support and everything Chantal and Alice could ever need, as long as nobody would know he was the father, and he wouldn’t have to have any responsibility. So, Alice was raised by a single mother. And of course, as an adult Alice figured out who her father is. It wasn’t even that difficult. All she had to do was ask her grandmother.

Later on, A.J. got married and had two more children with his current wife. And to this day, he has never contacted Alice. And Alice has no interest in getting to know him. Though, she does stalk him and his family online.

Additional info:
- Alice has two rescue cats, approximately six-years-old white boy named Harry and three-years-old black and white girl named Odessa.
- She named her other cat after fictional detective named Harry Hole and the other one after a gun from one the books from that series.
- She started modeling when she was seventeen and she stopped at the age of nineteen, because modeling just wasn't her thing.
- She has a degree in criminal justice and she worked as a police officer for few years, before becoming a detective.
- She is aiming to become a homicide detective one day.
- She stumbled upon Obsidian Order as a rookie detective and has been helping them out ever since. Though, sometimes her "help" is just looking the other way.
- Alice is 175 cm tall and skinny, thanks to her mother's fast metabolism and lots of yoga, running and hitting the gym.
- She has brown hair and eyes.
- She is obsessed with trench coats and dark sunglasses.

14. August 2023 23:14