15. January 2023 21:48

Joy Kathleen Wilson / 21 / picture: #25

Joy Kathleen Wilson comes from a rich family, but she was kicked out of her home after deciding not to attend college after high school. So, currently Joy lives with her older brother Marcus. But before moving in with him, Joy lived with his boyfriend Tony. Tony is almost twenty years older than Joy and likes to beat her. Joy didn't actually break up with Tony. It was more like Marcus came and rescued her.

Currently Joy is contemplating going back to Tony, since in her mind he takes good care of her and it's her fault he has to punish her so much. It's her fault that she is clumsy and sometimes she accidentally breaks dishes. And it's her fault that sometimes other men stare at her for too long. And she should be punished.

Joy is kind, but broken soul. She has been hurt so much, first by her parents, then mean girls in school and now Tony. It's kinda the only thing Joy knows. Well, there is Marcus who would never hurt her and who is always there to protect her. But Joy is in too much pain to really see that. Joy loves animals, especially cats, and prefers them over most people.

15. January 2023 20:51

Damien Anthony Smith / 26 / picture: #14

Damien Anthony Smith works as a cop, but he is in no way a good cop. He frequently breaks the law, takes bribes and steals from evidence for his criminal contacts. It's not like he's entirely evil person, he just puts his needs before others and likes to be paid handsomely. Still, he does have a code that he lives by. No killing and no harming innocent people.

Damien lives in an apartment he inherited from his maternal grandmother. It's located in kinda bad neighborhood, but it's a big apartment and Damien does own a gun. Well, actually few guns. And even without guns, Damien is perfectly capable of defending himself. After all, he is 185 cm tall and pretty fit. Besides being a cop, Damien goes to the gym two to four times a week. And sometimes on his free time he parties, and when he parties he does it hard.

Damien doesn't really care for many things in life, but he does have a rescue dog called Macy, that he genuinely loves. Macy is probably the only thing he has ever loved, since Damien's parents were abusive alcoholics. Damien has dated a lot, but he's never been in love. Not that he would even know what it feels like.

13. January 2023 02:20

Favorite authors:
- Jo Nesbø
- Lars Kepler
- Agatha Christie
- Stephen King
- Jacqueline Wilson
- R.L Stine

13. January 2023 02:17

Favorite movies:
- Kill Bill Vol. 1
- Kill Bill Vol. 2
- Hotel Transylvania
- Hotel Transylvania 2
- Despicable Me
- Despicable Me 2
- Scream
- Nightmare Before Christmas
- Corpse Bride
- The Fast and The Furious
- Fast & Furious
- Fast Five
- Fast and Furious 6
- Furious 7
- The Fate of The Furious

13. January 2023 02:12

Favorite tv-shows:
- Supernatural
- Superstore
- Brooklyn 99
- Parks and Recreation
- Lucifer
- Castle
- Bones
- Community
- Avatar The Last Airbender
- The Simpsons
- Family Guy
- American Dad
- The Flash
- Legends of Tomorrow
- C.S.I
- C.S.I Miami
- Chicago Fire
- Chicago P.D
- Chicago Med
- Criminal Minds
- Walker
- Beauty and The Beast
- White Collar
- Person of Interest
- Sons of Anarchy
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
- Once Upon a Time
- Dexter