3. January 2024 21:03

Hmm maybe I should start doing modeldrawings... at least if I could learn to hyper focus enough to actually finish them in a timely fashion

Anyways, heres the drawing I started 6 months ago of Svend-Allan x)

6. June 2023 19:19

I caught the confetti on the front page for pride month look::

24. May 2023 18:16

For the "Underwater Sketzmo (dosen't have to be sketzmo) Challenge" competition, I chose to make a nice scene of a sea turtle swimming through the ocean as seen from inside a cave actually using sketzmo

This process was painfull but also fun to use a severely limitng medium to create a piece of "art"

The program did eventually crash, but I did have the foresight to take a screenshot before submitting the sketzmo drawing just in case it would crash (I have lost too many high effort sketzmoes to this fact)

Now we just need to wait and see how I will place in the comp! (will I even come to the finale? will I place? I hope so, I like the dress)

EDIT: I got to the finale but did not place, better luck next time I figure!

24. May 2023 18:12

Design Blog 6:

In the JD group we agreed to do some items for eurovision 2023 -- I eventually chose to do an outfit inspired by the 2023 entry from Czechia, "My sisters Crown" performed by the group Vesna

The most important pieces of the outfit being: a pink 2 piece set and a long braid being held by the models hand!

I chose to add glitter to the outfit, and match the haircolor to the blonde version of The Hair on gsm, since I think that one is the best blonde color we have here on GSM!

The set was made specifically to enter the stores during the eurovision weekend :)

20. April 2023 18:31

On 20/04-2023 the results of the first JD competition of gsm 2.0 was announced, and I was one of the new chosen Junoir Designers

Going over the process, here is my JD semi(FINALE) design and the thoughts and inspiration to make it

The theme of the competition was "Your dream gosupermodel outfit" -- and I honestly did not know what to do with that at all. Fortunately, I have great friends here on gsm, and inspired by a prompt made by Snowfields, I started doing a little sketch of an outfit with: a cute lace top, long flared jeans and flowy hair with a braid.

I designed basically all of this design while being live in the unofficial discord server, most of the time in the company of Snowfields, Moon and Rhys. Here are some of the thoughts and considerations during the design process:

I made the hair color match the brown hairs already on gsm by colorpicking from an existing hair in the shop, to it would match with the already exisiting hairs in the shop for being able to mix it with the old hairs.

The top is technically a shirt and a jacket, so I could make the sleeves a separate item which would be good for layering. I will look into making it in a few other colors as well if we are allowed to do so

The embroidery was an extra touch I made to the pants to try to make them more interesting overall

When making the makeup, Moon requested I did a unibrow, so I did and it looked really cute so I decided to keep it :)

The makeup was first made for the skin tone showed in the upper right corner. I decided to change the skintone for the display model for the outfit since it was easier to really see the lace design on the darker skin tone. This also proved as a good exercise in designing makeup for multiple skin tones and trying to make the overall feel of the makeup stay the same. This point is quite important for me moving forward, as I think the makeup on this site should be able to fit more people, and recoloring seems to be the best option for this (I might elaborate on this point at a later day)

My wrist got overworked during the making of this design, I would have loved to make it better and work more on it but I had to not do that to not be in pain. It was however good enough to bring me through as JD so I am overall somewhat satisfied with that result _