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23. December 2022 11:54

Design blog 2:

This design was made for the JD competition in 2015 for the semifinals - it had the theme of "glitter"

I remember thinking that glitter = new years, and other than that wanting to prove I had improved a lot since the previous JD comps, where some of the themes had been lace and feathers on the rounds I had previously been eliminated.

This design was way better than my finale round design (which I dont even have a saved image of...) and it might still be in the GSM item library, so perhaps we will see it sometime in the future :)

23. December 2022 11:51

Design blog 1:

This is an old design of mine, I used it to enter the JD competition on GSM 1.2 in the last competition on the danish server before the site closed (making it in the designer tool on gsm)

I dont remember the inspiration, but making more fantasy pieces with armour could be fun to do some day. I will add it to the list

16. December 2022 18:41

For the custom profile design I used the following code principle:

You need to create a photo first and upload it to the site (using diamonds for instant upload) - the image needs to be 731 px wide and less than 900 px tall (i find that 450-600 looks pretty good, but that is a personal preference thing)

I used:
<div style="background-image:url( YOUR IMAGE HERE ); background-repeat:no-repeat; width:731px; height:550px; position:relative; margin-left:-7px; margin-top:-21px; margin-bottom:-20px;">

You need to insert the URL to your image on gosupermodel and change the height to be your image height in pixels.

<div style="position:absolute; left:20px; top:183px; width:170px; height:320px; overflow:auto; float:left; line-height:145%; opacity:1;">Text here.</div>

Without the spaces in between, just in one line -- you also need to change a few things to fit your layout: upload your background to GSM, get the image URL, insert the right height in the first line of text (dont touch anything else)

For the text box(es) you need to change the "left", "top" "width" and "height" to fit your placements. Simply copy that line of code for each textbox you want

Insert the code, save the changes and then edit your profile again and it should be there

12. December 2022 12:47

Its still here and more useless than ever! </3