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18. March 2023 18:11


25. February 2023 18:20


I decided to write here something about myself instead in my profile. I wanted to make my profile information free area

So where should I start? Well I`m 23 years old girl from Finland, I remember so clearly that time, when I was here like over ten years ago, that`s little bit crazy, right?

I love animals, especially dogs. At my home, we have 5 little terriers, they are everything and they belongs to the family. I hope someone of my friends loves dogs as much as I love

In here gosupermodel, I love to spend time so much, play games, go shopping and style my model. If you want to come talk to me, go ahead, I`m social and like to meet new people.

Still looking for some new friends

Go follow me on instagram and i`ll follow you back, my instagram is mariabeatamanda

I`ll guess this is everything that I wanted to tell you guys now