20. April 2023 10:58

gocode: PowerUP

12. March 2023 12:00

wardrobe challenge:

I spent an eternity trying to figure out this game. There was an forum made about all the tactics people use on wc, so I gathered them all together and started using them. These are few taken from that forum and rest is from my own experience.

Mind y'all I was very bad at this game when GSM released it at first, I barely managed to pass level 9. Around that time I found out about the forum and started paying a lot of attention to the game.

1. start with bags, always burst them first no matter what it takes.
2. know/prevent what happens after every move
3. if it seems like you hit an dead end, stop making moves as soon as you realize it and play the scenario (u think is best) out on a paper
4. pay attention to the whole game board

the more you play, better you start to see these things ♡

4. February 2023 16:01

4. January 2023 04:04

if i ever get white robe i will never sell it ever again