7. February 2023 17:52

(to libra)

my heart belongs to many people
but theres one that doesnt do it equal
bc u see.... theres this girl
who makes me twirl
like im on the top of the world
giggles so hard
pretty pls stay in my yard
everybody seems so fake
but make no mistake

bc ur the MAIN
and the only one sane

7. February 2023 11:18

roses are red,
violets are blue,
can u make my wish come true?
by being my boo

5. February 2023 17:54

iris iris
a flower to my eye
the apple to my pie
so that’s why im writing this love letter: to try
try to make u fly
and eat a lot of Thai (food)
i wish u the very best
and to knock down anyone who u protest
bc all i want to bring u is a lovefest!

so pls take this as a sign
will u be my valentine??

1. February 2023 18:52

(to norawr)

im having a hard time writing this
bc u mean so much to me
since u entered my life as a bliss
u make me feel at ease
u make me feel loved
but most importantly: here, to my heart, i give u the keys
pls dont ever leave me
i dont wanna be free!!!

so pls listen to me when i say: hey bae, ur a CUTIE at display!!!!

pls be my lockscreen pic

1. February 2023 17:28

it all started with d'amelio
nicki was right
u had me at CHEERIO!
instant match
instant SMASH
but most importantly: u could never be trash!
like wonderwoman u swooped me off my feet
oh how u make my day complete
dixie dixie
gsm u CARRIED (on ur back)
and now i gotta ask u: can we get married?