25. July 2023 03:34

Not mush active on GSM atm, as I'm working on my final stage of Everskies. Selling everything and getting art

23. June 2023 11:44

One thing I started to hate about Everskies outfits?
All the bodymods.
So many were added, a lot of them didn't have much clothing to fit them.
The wardrobe was not properly organized considering clothing meant for body mods.

22. June 2023 12:49

dyeing my hair!
Going with this style again

22. June 2023 08:42

This night work was so busy, at 3am I had to call my boss and ask for backup I was falling much behind. She is a champ, even though she has been working so many hours the last few days, she still got up and drive 1 hour to assist me in the madness

21. June 2023 07:19

Just came to my goBlog to complain about how Exhausted I am from work...