13. April 2023 21:54

dear diary

today I uploaded a very special video.
it's about losing my dog which a lot of people know has been very hard for me.
I decided to write down how I was coping and what was helping, and decided to make a video for people who might also not know how to cope if they've lost a pet.

if you watch it; thank you, it means so much to me <3


1. April 2023 00:29

dear diary

hit lvl 17 today wee

21. March 2023 21:50

dear diary

today heaven got a new star
my dog and best friend of 14 years has sadly passed today, thankfully without any pain or suffering

my heart is shattered and I don't know how to make all the pieces stick together again but I'll try my best to heal in my own time

thank you for all the sweet messages I've received, it makes me feel validated and makes me hopeful that everything will be okay with time

6. March 2023 22:29

dear diary

had such a rough day mentally today. then my boyfriend spontaneously came over when I told him and we went out to the sea, walked and ate dinner out.
I love him so much

1. March 2023 10:58

dear diary
just reached lvl 16

i will miss the gold <3