4. January 2023 17:37

Everyone's guestbook, great initiative by Chloe!


30. December 2022 23:38

30th December 2022

In these last days of 2022 I catch myself reflecting a bit about both the last couple of months, but also a lot about my teenage years. I used a lot of my time - as in all my free time - from 8-16 years old playing gSm, a lot more time than anyone I knew in real life. There came a time where my friends had moved on from gSm, and it all of a sudden was “childish” and embarrassing. Something I really never got to understand as a reasoning to stop. But maybe that’s what happens when you grow older? Eitherway that didn’t stop me from gaming gSm, and I’m so glad that I didn’t stop all up until gSm’s last opening minute back in 2016.

Now I’ve used the last month playing gSm, and I feel so honoured to be back. I feel more like myself, more relaxed and more inspired than ever to create and wake up every morning. I’m excited for what the next years to come will bring to the table - and to the server.

I’m so thankful for both close friends and in general all of you people having a similar passion for goSupermodel as online community. Thanks from all of my heart. I wish for you all that 2023 will be gentle. 💛

- Syzygy 💫

12. December 2022 23:23

12th December, 2022

First day, relaunch day!
I'm honestly soo excited for the next days to come. I feel the old gSm spirit has risen again, in less than 12 hours !:D
I would happily admit that I'm beyond blown away by this relaunch. I had no idea that it would turn out as it did today. 10/10 day!