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Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a young hare. This beautiful hare enjoyed making new pals. And this hare has a lot of pals. In the jungle where she lived, she befriended a variety of beasts. Her buddies ranged in size from little to big muscular beasts. The hare used to think, "I have so many friends," and "I am so delighted there are so many people in this forest who like me."

The hare got increasingly proud of her many friends as time passed. The hare enjoyed having too many friends because she measured happiness by quantity rather than quality.

Something terrible happened one day. In the forest, there was a pack of hounds hunting hares. The hare was terrified and in serious need of help, so she raced to her friends. She went straight to the horse. "Since you're quick and have a lot of room on your back, please transport me to a safe location." The horse, on the other hand, refused. He stated, "I have other essential work."

She then rushed to the buffalo. She pleaded, "Please assist me." "I would, but I already have plans." He went on to say that the goat might be of help. As a result, the hare ran over to the goat. "Please, you must assist me," she cried. "I am little and my back is weird," the goat explained. You could injure yourself."

The hare then ran over to the ram. "Will you help me?" she asked. He said, "I would want to decline." "You know, I don't like to meddle in other people's affairs. In case you didn't know, hounds have been known to eat sheep. So, ask for help another time." You might also enjoy The Hare's Liver.

Her final chance was the calf, but he, too, turned her down. "I'm not interested in taking on too many responsibilities." As a result, I am unable to help you. The hounds were approaching. "How should I proceed?" She bolted before she could think of anything else. She dashed away with all her strength! Luckily, she was able to run away, although she never made many friends after that. Her lesson had been learned.

Moral of The story
One with many friends has no real friends.