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ooh are u a little silly in the bonker huh !!!! a little goof in the brain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. August 2023 16:38

hi friends and ex friends !! im cleaning up my friendslist bc i cant keep up with everyone

if u got deleted its 10000% nothing personal, im just deleting ppl whos names i dont recognize (im bad with names) and ppl who havent been online in a while etc etc

pls hmu if ive been just super silly and shouldnt have deleted u

also even if i deleted u ily still ok bye Xx

18. July 2023 05:22


18. July 2023 05:22

this is literally me like look at this wtff its m e

16. July 2023 22:38

ad the forward arrow

ad the delete utto

ad escape

11. June 2023 04:06

leave trans ppl alone ! !