8. March 2023 11:03

#25 XDXXZDD IHAN vitun hyvä paska tosi massiivinen Jöötti!!!

11. January 2023 17:00

poop diary entry #24 smells like a golf ball i dont know what they smell like but seems right

10. January 2023 13:15

pde #23 SOUR COW SHT PILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flush test

flushed easily.. boring but low effort so nice i guesss

7. January 2023 14:11

poop dkaey entry #22 A LITERAL MASSIVE PILE OF SH1T

3. January 2023 08:10

poop diary entry #21

i’m so sorry my poopies but i have a sad announcement…

ive pooped 4 times since the last entry.. i feel like i just cant update every single poop to here anymore so i will start posting less

but i wont forget about u poopies and hope u wont forget me, since i promise to describe my most special poops in great detail for u guys from now on

hope u poopies understand