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Clarissa as young Madchen Amik
Achade was Deaken Bluman




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Roleplay between Emkay and I: Plot

I wrote:

yes let's go for that!
if we say yes to the weapon speciality
what if we throughout the story discovers the real reason why the shapeshifters and the magicians hate each other so much? What if historically the shapeshifters were originally magicians, made to be weapons against a much bigger enemy? dunno what that enemy could be, we could figure it out along the way?
1. a war occured thousands of years ago, between the magicians and the bigger enemy we dunno what is yet
2. the magicians decided to sacrifices the lowest of the lowest of them to become shapeshifters, who had the power to turn into the enemy? and therefore had the same powers as them?
3. The lowest of the lowest were forced into this, since this would change them forever. But because of this they could defeat the bigger enemy, with the enemy's own power AND MAGIC?
4. After the enemy was defeated, the magicians thought the shapeshifters were a threat to them? Because the shapeshifters wanted right for themselves since they helped defeat the enemy?
5. A civil war occured, which ended with the shapeshifters not being able to work together. And because they couldn't work together the magicians won the civil war.
6. The magicians put the shapeshifters in one city where they put magic over them to forbid them from shapeshifting?
7. Over a thousand years the shapeshifters forgot about the initial powers they had, that the could change into creatures, into something which could defeat the magicians.
8. The bigger war against the enemy was also forgotten about by everyone.
9. The shapeshifters are now able to only change their appearance if they go out of the zone the magicians have made for them. If they go out: change: go back in, in their changed appearance, they won't be able to change back because of the magic, and will only be able to change back if they go out of the magic zone.
10. In OUR time there's now different kind of shapeshfiters. The shapeshifters who from the beginning used to go out of the magic zone to rebel (VERY few) which has now allowed them to be able to use their shapeshifting powers in a broader way than everyone else. They can change for A LONG PERIOD of time. To whole other people if they wanted.
And then we have people who are only able to change for a shorter period of time, also to other people.
And then a third kind, who never got out of the magic zone which only allows for them to change features?
What they all have in common is that they CANNOT change to other creatures, because this type of magic has been forgotten by EVERYONE.

11. Now in our time the shapeshifters have started to rebel. Leaders have gotten out of the magic zone - the city limit - and encourages everyone else to do the same, so they can explore their powers. This is where the new rebellion starts.

(this will be a looooot further into the story, I'm imagining when our magicians are donw with their specialities)

13. Our two magicians are slowly but surely getting through their speciality.
Since they've been put in as roommates, they're slowly discovering how much overlap there is between their specialities.
Through the guy's speciality he discovers the thousands of years old war.

- The guy discovers how the magicians have initially put a forgetting spell on everyone in the country, to forbid anyone from remembering how the shapeshifters are actual heroes and how the enemy was defeated.
He discovers this ancient dark magic that has been used to make everyone forget.
- He finds out who the original enemy used to be.
- He finds out what kind of original magic was used to turn the shapeshifters.

Through the girl's speciality,
- She discovers different ways of using wepons in the combination with magic.
- The enhancement of the weapons, that the shapeshifters use (no humans in this world)

What will happen when the guy points her towards his findings?
What will happen when the guy finds the original dark magic that turned the shapeshifters (who: remember: where used as weapons), and entrusts the girl with this? And the girl gets the brilliant idea of catching rebellious shapeshifters to look at how she can use them as weapons? She'll take 1. Then she'll take 2 ...
And she discovers the shapeshifters potential? While also being able to put them in some kind of individual magic zone, with help from the guy?

14. They hear rumors about how there's occuring problems in their world, which (as they know) resembles the ones from thousands and thousands and year old enemy? And in some way both the girl and the guy gets intertwined with it?
As of now the guy has been going along with the girl, in finding out how to enhance shapeshifters and doing stuff to them, without actually agreeing with her.
But when the enemy gets back, and the girl and the guy gets intertwined with it - the guy proposes using the shapeshifters as the weapons they were originally meant to be?

I'm imagining the girl and the guy being done with their speciality at this point. Maybe get leader positions? Something? High enough positions to be able to argue that the magicians should be able to work together with the shapeshifters? And in return actually removing the magic zone and give the shapeshifters RIGHTS?

- But what if the girl is against this? She wants to use the shapeshifters as weapons yes, but also as slaves. Since she doesn't believe in them having any rights?
- This will lead to a big conflict between the girl and the guy? And if they're leaders and have their full powers, and are at a point where they have influence in their world, this will also devide the magicians?

also if we want to spice it up a little bit
we can have them get romatically envolved in their speciality years, and then this huge conflict occurs when they have leader positions?
WE CAN HAVE A LOVERS TO ENEMIES, that'll be so fun??

15. Okay but at the same time what happens with OUR shapeshifters?
The girl attends one of these political leader meetings outside of the magic zone, as a joke between her friends.
The magicians attack them, the girl is about to get taken, the guy saves her.

16. The girl is part of the people who can only change some features, while the guy is part of the people who can change whole appearances for a long period of time

17. What'll happen when the guy offers the girl to teach her how to actually use her powers to the fullest? Because remember: the ony reason why there's a difference between the different shapeshiftes, is because some have used their powers over the thousands of years while others haven't.

18. The mother of the guy is giving the guy responsibilites. Recruit as many as he can to her cause.
19. The guy is spectical about his mother's cause, since his mother is not a good person. Let's get some trauma in.
What if he's mother has a philosophy of sacrificing everyone to get her way? She doesn't care about who lives and dies. She only wants to get all the power she can get, to kill EVERY magician ever?
This is not common knowledge, this is only something the intial leaders know about. And her son of course, because she trusts him - or forces him to do whatever she says.
20. Over time the girl and guy becomes closer, allowing the guy to entrust her with what he know about the political rebellion. And they both agree on taking his mother down?
And they succeed?
And the girl and the guy now are the leaders of the rebellion?
And now is the time were the enemy is slowly getting their powers back? And most of thekillings and catastrophes that is occuring, happens to the shapeshifters?

21. The guy magician finds a way to interact with the rebel guy and girl? What if they work together?

Emkay answered

3. so does this mean that a shapeshifter shapeshifting (lol) into other people will also make the aquire the other persons abilities? because maybe that would make them a bit OP? or is it only the old shapeshifting-into-creatures people that could do that? just needa get it clarified haha

8. yes, makes totally sense that the war is forgotten - maybe it's just being portrayed now a bit propaganda ish, like "the shapeshifters (unprovoked) went to war against the magicians many years ago, innocent magic lives were killed, but in the end through unity and teamwork the magicians defeated the shapeshifters and created the magical barrier"? like that's the story that they are told and that my girliepops believes in?

13. love ittt. yea I'm thinking that they're going outside the city, finding shapeshifters, studying them (and using them?), maybe even running into the shapeshifters that we're playing? idk?

14. love the lovers to enemies and vice versa trope!!!

21. yeeessss love it!!

I wrote:

3. So I was thinking they could change into CREATURES as well as MAGICIANS.
Meaning if the enemy had huge dragons to fight the magicians, the shapeshifters could turn into dragons. Or if they had demons the shapeshifters could turn into demons. But they WOULD NOT be able to turn into magicians and get their magic. It would only be the apperance, and the ability to fly and kill etc. So if a shapeshifter could turn into a huge monster who killed everyone, and that shapeshifter got together with a magician who could do magic, then they could aid each other. Work together. They would both be in need of each other.
You're right, we shouldn't make them all too powerful.

8. YES ëxactly!! that's a good idea. So we fill the propaganda in the books, but make everyone forget the initial war that happened. They can only remember the shapeshifter rebellion. And let's say that most people don't even know where the shapeshifter came from originally.

13. AND YES. their paths would maybe intertwine. What if they get their hands on one of our characters' friend or something, which makes our character have to run into each other? My guy is the reason why this friend is let go, resulting in our shapeshifter characters being a little bit more inclined to trust him later, when he decides to help them?


About the university:
think our magicians should have one subject they both share in common, as well as one on one with each their speciality counsler.
The subject they'll both share, would revolve around research, field research as well as academic book research. This will be the subject that gives your magician the idea later on to try and study shapeshifters out there in the field.
They'll both learn how to construct their research in one certain direction.
I'm thinking my magician will start to notice how most of the researchskills they're set to learn is part of a huge propaganda scheme (because they never take shapeshifter texts or citations into valid thought), while your magician loves the subject, as mentioned, she get her shapeshifter field research idea from there.

They each have a speciality counsler for their speciality.
But as already mentioned, they're both studying something so rare, that they soon scratch the idea of being dependent onn the counsler, and start being depended on each other to diversify their thoughtprocess.

As speciality students they have access to parts of the library at the university no other students have. My magician will have access to all the history books he can get access to, and your magician to all the weapon books she want access to.
Each speciality student can only get access to what's relevant for their speciality, otherwise they'll need to ask for permission, or just be okay with only having access to the books which are accessible to everyone.

This unviersity they're attending are very exclusive.
Not a lot of people can even get in in the first place, and the drop out rate is very high.
Which is the reason why choosing an obscure speciality will results in being grouped together like our characters.
Other specialities would include, potions, defense, and poisons.

Subjects they've all taken as part of their majors, are basic magic history, potions, defense, poisons, language and spells. So they all have a foundation of knowledge before they start their specialty.

The most common fields in the specialities to choose is defense and potions.

Name: Evelyn Astor (magician)
Age: 23
Description: 173 cm, thick dark brown hair and greyblue/gråblå lol eyes. Light-skinned

Name: Archer Sharpe (shapeshifter)
Age: 24
Description: rather tall, around 190 cm, with dark blonde hair and light brown eyes. He's rather tanned, mostly from being a lot outside practicing his skillzz

Name: Morgan Bobellon (magician)
Age: 23
Description: 183 cm, dark green eyes, light brown hair and light skin

Name: Xavia Fern (shapeshifter)
Age: 24
Description: 168 cm, dark brown eyes, black hair, a brownish color

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Roleplay between Ailimei and I.
Very basic character description, for our roleplay on messages, so we don't lose it.

The Crown Prince
Name: Aurelian Seraph Sterling
Age: 23
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Mostly straight with a slight wave to ends, short on the sides, longer on the top with the tips of the hair reaching almost his ears
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: White, with a very slight tan
How tall are they?: 195 cm

The Crown Princess
Name: Clarissa Owell Sterling
Age: 22
Haircolor: Black.
Hairlength: It's straight and goes right down to her thighs.
Eye color: Dark brown.
Skin color: White.
How tall: 168.

The Guard
Name: Helia Amalie Argent
Age: 24
Hair color: Reddish brown, auburn
Hair length: Wavy and voluminous, goes down to the her mid back
Eye color: Light blue with a slight green tint
Skin color: White
How tall are they?: 170 cm

The Wolf Crown Prince
Name: Achade Roswell Forest
Age: 26
Haircolor: Dark blond.
Hairlength: Just above his ears.
Eyecolor: Dark blue.
Skincolor: His skincolor reflects his werewolf form. It's something between light brown and white.
How tall are they?: Let's go with 180.