27. June 2023 00:06

Talent comp entry

Poetry Postcard to send home from GoSuperCamp:

Hey guys, Whats cracki´n?
Camp´s great, We are going tracking!
No wait! Something´s lacking..
We´re waiting on Showtime, i guess he´s still packing
Oh wait, There he is, This guy has me crackling

He stumbles towards us with his bags in a bunch
I wonder o´wonder what he packed for lunch
becuase if I know him right he´ll prefer something like punch
Or maby something with a good cracking crunch

When he looks away i grab his lunchbox
he turned around quick, and out comes the nunchucks
"DONT TOUCH MY FOOD" and away flew the dumb ducks
startled and shook i fell on my dumptruck
and we laughed and we laughed until i puked from reflux

So hey mom and dad! Im doing great
I love being at camp and staying up this late!
Espectially with showtime, I think this is fate
He´s slowly but surley becoming my best mate!

Please dont hate on me haha this is my first poem ever

10. April 2023 15:59


1 DAY = 50GM
5 DAYS = 250GM
10 DAYS = 450GM
15 DAYS = 650GM
20 DAYS = 850GM
25 DAYS = 1100GM
50 DAYS = 2200GM
100 DAYS = 4400GM


1 DIA = 95GM
5 DIA = 475GM
10 DIA = 950GM
20 DIA = 1900GM
50 DIA = 4750GM
100 DIA = 9000GM

28. January 2023 09:18


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