15. March 2023 12:16

a cute important message i just got

Hi there lovely user,

This may be considered spam but I hope when you read it you will not come to that conclusion. In the light of the most recent events: thrashtalking, doxxing, bullying, trolling, the gossip, the hatred and what not regarding moderators, staff and users I decided to write this message.

It saddens me that other users on this website feel the need to bring others down because they disagree with something or need to compensate for their own insecurities. Always remember that you're not worthless, you're not talentless and you're worth living for . You're brought upon this world to bring and spread kindness: pay it forward. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I wish you a lovely day beautiful and keep on slaying!


27. February 2023 18:37

lookbook magazines i've been included in














not a lookbook really but still


9. February 2023 22:48

(this is a rant i would have written to a troll but you know, don't feed the troll )

about feminism and womanhood: no one is denying your right to call yourself a woman. I hope no one is gatekeeping feminism from you either, because feminism is all about inclusivity. I don't know your exact deal, but if you feel like you're judged here for your feminism, it might be good to check up what feminism means to you.

It's definitely a way to identify and there's a lot of feminist activism, but it's also a scientific theory. So there is a scientific definition to what feminism actually means.

If your feminism harms anyone else - it's not feminism. Harming doesn't mean making someone upset or uncomfortable, it means not including other people and taking away their rights to equality, identity or existence.

At the end of the day feminism will benefit everyone, and if the thought of everyone being equal doesn't sound good to you, you're not a feminist.