9. January 2023 23:39

just spent over 3k on last chance, good night

9. January 2023 19:01

i got so many friends from memes
i love it

4. January 2023 01:21

i am currently struggling, i have to choose between gsm-ing and knitting, what to do?!!?

21. December 2022 21:35

oh shoot, a long gap

i have christmas spirrrit, i love this holiday!!! i am struggling a lot to avoid buying vip, it is so tempting!! but i am kind of poor, so it is not a good idea. anyways, you guys level up so fast, i have to step up my game, but i dont have any game okey byeee

16. December 2022 18:44

5th day

i finished my exam!!! so now i can chill here without feeling super guilty! what a lovely day to be alive and be a gosupermodel. i am trying to find fun ways to gain fame, exchanging gotests. but i feel like i am 10 again, and using the hashtag followforfollow. its so lame #f4f