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Need to read this, reminder for myself:)

13. January 2023 17:43

Dress-up game template
♥ Welcome to Cicatrices' dress-up game ♥

♥ How does it work? ♥
Drop a comment that you want to join & you're in!

we will have 10 participants max with 6 rounds
I will pick a theme for each round.

For each round, I give a time limit of 10 minutes.
When you're done, you save the look and add it to your post. For your post, think of a one-liner or tell everyone something about your look. This also counts for the scoring! For example: for a 'black & white' theme, your message could be 'I'm black like the night" / "White, bright as day" / "I'm a chess piece"

The scoring is as follows:
No elimination
Top three best looks get a star-rating.
= best score, you're number one of this round
= you're second
= you're third

After the last round, the stars will be added together. The person with the most stars, wins.

♥ What can I win? ♥
1 VIP days
1 diamonds
100 gM

♥ Participants ♥

Remember to clear up space in your looks!

12. January 2023 21:23

kathski's DRESS UP GAME
So we all had so much fun working in teams that I wanted to register who played so we could maybe do it all again :)

Elviis & Tiquuw (Team Elvitiqu)

Helena.a & sagittarius95 (Team Helgittarius)

Cicatrices & Eleen ( Team Cicaleen)

super_typy & Fire (Team Supyre)

PearlB & Burial (Team Perburi/butt)

Honeybee & Octopus (Team Honocto)

12. January 2023 21:20

love u