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8. January 2023 15:25

Reminder: Photo-sizes

Biggest uploading size you can have in both jpg and png
1024px (width) x 768px (height)

anything over 300kb will get resized

Coding a profile:
If so, the "profile styler code" is the following code, that you will have to adjust, because this code is set up for something old I had on my profile:

<div style="background: url( insert your uploaded gosupermodel picture URL here ); no-repeat; width:732px; height:513px; position: relative; margin-left: -7px; margin-top:-31px; margin-bottom:-20px;">
<div style="margin-left:406px; margin-top:235px; margin-bottom:0px; width:300px; height:176px; overflow-y:scroll; float:left;">Your text.</div>