25. February 2023 17:41

JC´s ranch popcorn recipe

1. Get yourself a nice pot, not too big not too small but just the perfect size for the amount of popcorn you want to make. The size of the bottom is the key.

2. Cover the bottom of the pot with oil (i usually use canola oil or sunflower oil bc they don't have taste)

3. Add the popcorn kernels - again, fill the bottom. You need to have enough oil so that all of the seeds are touching it. If you added "too much" seeds, simply add a little more oil.

4. Place the lid on the pot, put the heat on high and wait for the pop...

5. When you can't hear any popping for 3-4sec take the pot off the heat and put the popcorn in a bowl of your choice.

6. Add the ~ ranch ~ as much as you like, to me more is more. Shake it gently and voilà!

Some tips:
Use popcorn kernels and not the microwave packets (once you open one you will see why i dont use them anymore lmao - and to me they are too salty)
Once its nicely popping you can lower the heat or fully turn it off so it doesn't burn so easily. This probably depends on what kind of stove you have. Also i recommend shaking the pot a little while heating so again: it wont burn so easily.
If you have put "too much" kernels in the pot and it doesnt fit in the pot with the lid then just take the lid off and let it flow all over your table <3
It's not that difficult once you learn it and can take a few times of trial and error but once you master this you will forever be happy

Enjoy!! Feel free to message me if you have any questions <3


6. January 2023 11:46

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