9. December 2023 22:35

songs that stop me from "pulling a van gogh" after listening to your bullshit

“songs that keep me from pulling a Kurt after listening to Taylor swift”

a very specific mood brought to you by probably non-lesbian lesbian icons

Songs to kill people's ears at karaoke night

Alex Turner would approve of this

What is your perfect crime?

Noughty & Nice (00's Playlist)

songs i would play in a creepy alleyway to scare the shit out of someone

permanent dissociation

i want to contribute to the chaos

Ctrl + Alt + DELETE

pirate strip club

Songs That Fuck My Shit Up

I have severe iron deficiency

Rage over a lost penny

neck breaking activities

you´re getting cereal at 4am

Narcissistic Mothers and Absent Fathers

you´re running late a f for the bus

3. November 2023 23:44

Song to get the party started
Heartbreak anthems
A song you’ll never get tired of
Girl power
POV: you're in the car when it's raining, acting like you're in a videoclip
A song you HATE with all your heart
Roadtrip songs
(High School) Musical songs
Songs not to play in a church
A song to sing in the shower
POV: you've just finished playing wardrobe challenge for 3 hours
POV: you have an essay due tomorrow and its 4 am
Your current favorite song
This song should be the next shrek title song
POV: you crashed your car
This song plays on your way to school/work
A song you would play at your friends wedding
POV: you've been single for a LONG time
Best party song
POV: your spoilt milk in the fridge
Christmas songs
Songs that you would walk on during fashion show
POV: love is in the air
Protesting song
POV: you're a dog
Monday mood
Songs that you would send to Eurovision for your home country
POV you're in an existential crisis
Guilty pleasures
A goodbye song
LAST ROUND: pick whatever you want <3

4. September 2023 18:20









15. August 2023 21:58

Will be choosing randomly from the following list:

A Bard's Serenade to NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)

The Inner Monologue of a Rubber Duck in a Bathtub Opera

"Pump Up the Jam: Workout Mix"

Awkwardly Cringe-worthy Anthems

"Ear Bleach" – Questionable Music Choices of Others / other players

Creepy and Eerie Tracks

Mismatched Emotions: Happy You, Sad Them (and Vice Versa)

Millennial Melodies: Sounds of the 2010s

"holy maria how can they listen to THAT?!"

songs to feel guilt about future actions you’re going to have to do eventually for your own good

"Catwalk Cadence: Tracks to Strut Your Stuff On"

"Titles That Tickle: Songs with Hilarious and Unusual Names"

"Shrektastic Serenades: Tracks to Become the Next Shrek Theme"

"Sacred Song No-Nos: Tunes Not for Church Pews" (songs not to play in church)

"Childhood Crush Crooners: Songs from the Heartthrobs of Youth"

"Lyrics on Lock: Songs You Can Belt Out Without Missing a Word"

"Hidden Gem Grooves: Songs That Are Your Personal Treasures"

"Meme Masterpieces: Epic Tracks that Inspired Internet Humor"

"Emotion Encores: Songs That Mirror Your Current State of Mind"

30. June 2023 20:41

- POV: its your birthyear and this song is a BANGER from that year

- - Crying in the club

- Goosebumps, but not in a good way

- songs with funny titles

- "holy maria how can they listen to THAT?!"

- a song that would scare away kids

- childhood memory

- songs about platonic friendships

- songs to feel guilt about future actions you’re going to have to do eventually for your own good

- songs encoded into a mammophallic quartz human skull sent on a comet to the aliens who will discover our civilization in 3 billion years

- songs that represent core values or beliefs

- songs when you’re happy but everyone else is sad (and vice versa)

- Songs that would play in a heist movie after somebody’s like “I know a guy…”

- running away from my problems at 155 bpm

- . Getting Down In Club Penguin’s Dance Club

- Songs for the mountain man who’s seen some shit in his years and now lives as a drifter in the woods

- Pushing 90 on the highway driving up the coast with the sun setting over the ocean to your left

- Songs that sound like they’re just having a conversation with each other.

- . I fell down in the shower bc I was dancing

- you picked up the soap...


- Songs you’d hear in a 2010s commercial targeting Millennials

- . Oddly specific song titles