24. July 2023 11:02

my losing-track (edit: I actually won some now!) in the gemstone event

• design a missing rori postcard.
• goddes of Greece dress up
• gemstone giveaway / raffle / speed forum
• design a windchime (25 gemstone participation award)
• rori profile description
• braai summer memory
• so-me dress up (instagram)
• pick your favorite
• argentina bingo 28th of July 4PM
• argentina bingo 29th of July 4PM
• dance dress-up

• argentina bingo 30th of July 4PM (50 gemstones, 4th place)

• decorate stone comp (25 gemstone participation award)

Total: 100 gemstones

14. April 2023 21:16

Tips for Backstage Rush

Tip 1) Don't ever play on Safari!
Always play on chrome. Safari on mac is so laggy, you wouldn't last long xD

Tip 2) Always go for level 5
The level gives the best outcome of gM and fame in accordance to the time spent. It takes around 6 min. to do level 5, and gives you around 70-80 gM and 200-250 fame.

Tip 3) Do the easy things first!
First hair or clothes! Do what you do best first - ex. if you are good at remembering, start with clothes. Get a good start, so you have time for the hard parts in the end!

Tip 4) Give the clothes names!
I always say the three clothing pieces out loud - ex.: Gold dress, denim shorts, pink shoes. This way I remember the items better!

Tip 5) End with makeup
Makeup is the hardest - especially if you are working from your laptop and not using an external mouse.
Bonus tip : Try perfecting the cheeks and lips (these are the easiest) instead of rushing to do them all. You will usually get past the margin when perfecting the lips and cheeks.

Personal tip) You don't get any extra bonus points for sending out your model faster, but I like to just send them out when I have passed the margin (which is usally after the lips in makeup).

15. December 2022 10:30