27. March 2023 23:02

ok another writing idea bc i have been thinking about this:

its the future and humanoid robots are made for all sorts of unsavoury purposes. then something world destroying happens and one of the robots survives and meets a bunch of silly goofy probably gay survivers and they take the robot in like a little sibling and they have cute wholesome adventures in the carcass of their old city

anyway, i am *actually* going to sleep now

25. March 2023 17:49

when i was a young teen i used to write a lot. i am really glad i lost most of those stories but i thought i might want to get back into writing for fun, so i am making a list of story-things and writing-stuff. i might write about these or just imagine little scenes in my head, who knows!! these are not to be good, just to be a fun thing for me to write down

1 a wealthy prince from a fantasy country is looking for a non-royalty partner to rule with for some reason. people are signed up to try out as a partner and future royalty. we follow three main characters who will bond over their circumstances and uncover great secrets such as polyamory and that the prince is evil (so its a love pyramid with a conspiracy??)

2 friend group (maybe four people??) find magical baby and adopt it and now have to cope with that while going on whacky adventures

3 closeted transfemme looking for the witch that turned her brother into a girl to... you know... undo the curse *wink*

4 shapeshifter family

5 magic exists and it kind of works like tech. and then i just apply this idea to any story because ofcourse i would

6 childhood besties meet again but this time its romantic bc they're gay and trans

22. March 2023 16:34

if i had to tell a distant friend my sëxuality i'd tell them i am a bisëxual

if i had to tell a stranger my sëxuality i'd say i am a lesbian

if i had to tell a queer person my sëxuality i'd tell them i am on the ace/aro spectrum with prefrences

but if i had to write it down in my goblog... well its complicated. to me, the most attractive thing about people is when they are gender nonconforming. but i know i also just like women. and i am capable of liking men when i get to actually know them and i like who they are. if i am on dating apps i don't look at men because i more often than not am not atracted to them. i might think they're nice, but thats all. but women... i feel attracted to them. but even attraction is complicated.

there's (from what i understand) 4 types of atraction:
aesthetic: you like the look of someone and wanna look at them (i have this one)
sensual: you wanna touch someone. like holding hands or cuddling (i only have this one sometimes with specific people)
romantic: you wanna take someone on a date and spend time with them (i only have this one sometimes with specific people)
sëxual: you look at someone and wanna...do stuff (i don't have this one (or atleast not that i know of))

i could be wrong about these bc i am not an expert but i am using this to explain my feelings

idk what i am. i think people often don't exactly fit into one box. and thats ok. i can communicate what i want and need to people if i have to and if its relevant i can elaborate. but its interesting because i don't even know what boxes i would fall into. am i an asëxual biromantic with a preferance for not men? i am not a lesbiam bc i am not a woman... i think labeles are more complicated when you have to factor in gender because gender is such messy thing

i think my sëxuality might just not be box shaped

anyway i found 120 euro's in my own wallet so who cares!! i'm rich!!

19. March 2023 12:52

*music starts playing*
ˢⁿᵉᵃʰᵏ, ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵃ ˢᵒᵘʰⁿᵈ
ˢⁿᵉᵃᵏ just look around
iii've always been strong but nowmy nerves are gone cause i know i can do it.
sing, dance, be a spy.
hidinggg before your very eyeeeesss
hOw could i sneak with tHis
fine phisique?
discover the thruth, it doesn't take a sleuth
for now i'm a spyyy spying in disguiiise
hiding before your very eyeeees
hhhhh unTILL YOU DISCOVERRRRR STAY UNDERCOVERRR hhh SeEKING A CLuE ThAT WILL LEAD ME TO YOUUU hhhh YES, I'M A SPYYY SPYING IN DISGUISE hh Hiding before yourveryeyeeees hhh sneak, ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵃ ˢᵒᵘⁿᵈ, sneeaak, just look aroUnd
iii'm a spY

16. March 2023 12:52

sometimes i think about my future. when i was a kid i always thought i'd meet a nice boy and have babies. but when i think about what i actually want... idk babies are difficult. i don't wanna bear one. that thought scares me. and i don't like babies because they can't tell me to shut up bc they need alone time. i also don't think i could take full care of a child. ideally i'd just be an auntie/uncle. or better yet, that crazy lookin enby who lives down the street who does arts and crafts.

i also don't think i'd want to marry anyone. the thought of spending the rest of my live with someone makes me feel icky. full time atleast. i wish i could find someone i love and just date them every weekend or something. or every other week. or maybe we could be very close friends who cuddle? idk but the traditional pattern for growing up and forming a family doesn't feel right to me. fuck i should start dating poly people who wouldn't want me full time anyway

i can't imagine myself having my own home, but i also thought i'd die at 24 (which i am so i guess i'll let you (my goblog) know when i'll die???) but if i were to live on my own... idk, i wish i could find really good friends and just live with them platonically, but very gay ofc

i am not planning to become very old. doing so would be unrealistic. but i think that just makes me enjoy life more. so for now i'll plan to become 25. prove 14yo me that i can survive. ofcourse 14yo me is long gone but the thought counts. i love proving kids wrong, silly little ***