28. January 2023 11:07

For the people curious about my entry:

So I'm doing a master's in Education (English) and there's this one course called Poetry for which I had to hand in a portfolio.

One of the assignments was to write a love poem in an urban setting, this is it:

For once the sun shines bright
Opposite of the reccuring blue moonlight

I lower my head and look at the grey concrete
And decide to admit defeat

Just like the leaves left the trees
To you I was merely a summerbreeze

Just like the luminance that left our city
Your feelings towards me weren’t pretty

But still, how I would love for you to hold me tight
Just like we did under the moon shaped light

29. December 2022 18:33

Basic how to play Wardrobe Challenge:

The trick, to me, is to start of by making sure that every t-shirt is connected to another one.
Then click all the t-shirt away from top to bottom.
Start doing the same thing with another color, preferably one which already has a lot of full sets then.
Eventually you'll have two left...